What Is Your Success Costing YOU?

When I was killing it as talent agent back in the day, I lived on caffeine, nicotine, and adrenaline. I was a total workaholic. It seemed my sense of self-worth increased, the more I worked and the less I slept. It sounds crazy now but I was addicted to the stress of getting it done, by myself, and I got a high from pulling off the impossible. I didn’t even realize how exhausted and drained I was until I got sick.

I learned from my experience with cancer that there is nothing impressive about living life on perpetual overdrive. Although I sometimes questioned the insane pace of my life, it was that diagnosis that forced me to STOP long enough to get present to the fact that something had to change. My behavior was that of an addict. I had simply replaced alcohol with work, so I was still being driven by a compulsion and I was still suffering.

Rock bottom feels and looks very different for different people. I knew I had hit mine when my body revealed that it could not continue to function at the leveI I was demanding. Something had to change.

Does my story resonate with you? Do you often question the quality of your life? You may be able to get it all done, and do it all on your own, but at what cost? Maybe you rarely see your family and only have a passing connection with your partner. Or, maybe you’re so exhausted and drained at the end of the day that you have zero energy to invest in yourself. Are you running on perpetual overdrive?

Workaholism isn’t free. You pay with your health, your happiness and the quality of your relationships.  @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

If your body isn’t giving you signs to slow down, perhaps the Universe is. If you constantly find yourself running late, getting caught in traffic, or stuck in ridiculously long lines, these may be signs that you are running on overdrive.

Luckily there is a way in which you can still be successful without all the stress. How do I know? I know because I live it. After I got sick and quit my job, I reevaluated everything. I still wanted the same level of success, but I also wanted the quality of my life to be just as abundant as my bank account.

I am so grateful to say that I have just that. I love my husband and our family more than words. I have an amazing group of friends, and I have a schedule that allows me to make time for what I love, which includes a lot of self-care.

Success is important to me. I want you to succeed, and I also want you to be really happy. Many people don’t believe that it’s possible to have both; but they’re wrong. I have witnessed amazing and balanced success in the lives of my clients and friends as well. I want you to feel like you have more than enough time to get it all done, and I want you to enjoy the process.

That is why I created a Free Tele-Jam just for you!

Monday January 27th  at 8 pm EST |  5 pm PST

The Secrets to Success Simplified

How to Get it All Done

(without undoing yourself in the process)


On this 60-minute call we will dive into

  1. How to take a Fearless Inventory to gain clarity on where you’re stuck + concrete actions you can take to get UNstuck – so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally get moving again.

  2. Self-care and mind/body practices that will directly impact your success (and daily mood) – because it’s time to start taking care of you.

  3. How to draw effective boundaries and cure the Disease to Please – so you can feel more empowered + be more effective in all of your relationships.

Plus, I’ll take your most burning questions and offer a special opportunity for a Free strategy session with me. <3

Time and space is limited. I understand how busy you are, and know how much you have going on. I know that you rarely ask for help. But, I want you to know that there is another way to do what you’ve been doing with more grace, ease and fun!

It’s time to take control of your life. Join me on the 27th to learn these simple yet effective strategies that I have seen create massive shifts in the lives of my clients, as well as, my own life.

I’ve done it.

Now it’s your turn to Simplify Success!


*Image courtsey of Heiko Gartner

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  1. hi terri,
    i am having a hard time creating what i want in my life because i am holding on to a “belief”, a knowing, that my 33 year old son is addicted to drugs. he was always a good boy, extremely well educated (a lawyer with a masters in taxation) and kind, gentle and brilliant. he is still a functioning member of society, however i see the cracks.
    i am an alcoholic, in active recovery going on 10 years. i am an open book. i am proud to be in the fellowship of aa, and won’t hesitate to tell anyone that is curious. i see my cherished son going down a scary path and i know that there is NOTHING i can do but plant the seed and hold the light. i have confronted him and he is in denial.
    i have backed down from confronting him, as he is able to twist it around (as any good addict can do) and make me question my sanity. i have some evidence, as my daughter and son live in the same flat. my daughter gives me bits of information, but asks me not to share it since it would make for an awkward living situation. her loyalty to him (and most likely her fear) prevents her from confronting it.
    i have been leaving him alone (avoiding him) when i can. no news is good news. then the fear shows up when i see him. he has let himself go and lives a horribly unhealthy lifestyle.
    i know i am powerless. i know he needs to walk his own path to learn his own lessons. however, he is my son and i always wonder if i should just let go or try to love him just as he is while i watch him deteriorate. i meditate every day and pray a lot. that helps. that is how i try to not get caught up in my fear.
    in my ideal life, i would be surrounded by a healthy family and love. my children would come to me if they needed to and we would figure stuff out together. and this feeling of dread would be gone.
    i hope this is the kind of information you are looking for. i thank you for the wisdom and love that you share!
    patty cohen

    1. Hi Patty, Thank you for reaching out and asking for help. Being familiar with addiction I think we both know that you can only truly be responsible for yourself as you learn to ‘accept the things you cannot change.’ If your son is in denial it is even more important that you continue to stand in truth. Prayer and mediation will help, and if you are looking for more support perhaps consider attending an Al Anon meeting or seeking professional help, as no one should have to walk this path alone. The anxiety and gut wrenching fear you feel is completely normal, though take every occurrence of it as an opportunity to check in with yourself, and bring the focus back to what you need, rather than what you think he may need. Also if you grew up in a home where alcoholism was present, perhaps rather than Al Anon you could look into the 12 Steps of ACA (adult children of alcoholics). This program can help you to understand a lot about yourself, and your son. I also have a very close friend who is an addiction expert named Patty Powers. Her site is http://www.pattypowersnyc.com and she also has a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pattypowers.sobercoach?fref=ts) where she answers questions. It sounds like you are working a strong program and have great insight. Keep up the good work and know I am so glad yo found your way to me.
      Sending you tons of love and support and strength. Terri

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