“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius via @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

We have all read or heard about the benefits and virtues of living a simple life. You might even be able to search back in the archives of your memory and recall a time when your own life was, indeed, simpler than it is today. But add a career, a relationship, plus a kid or two, and boom, life gets complicated. How you handle a complicated life, is a choice.

It takes courage to take control and choose to simplify. ~ @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

Living a complex life with many moving pieces has become our cultural norm. It seems stress has become synonymous with success, and exhaustion is an expected byproduct of working hard. When extreme busyness is worn as a badge of honor, and feeling overwhelmed is the rule rather than the exception, something is wrong.

What is the point of hard work, a full schedule, and a fat bank account if it is devoid of joy? Is that really Success? ~ @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

To be truly successful you must be enjoying the journey. I have had many clients who seemed to have it all; big house, beautiful family, career success and lots of money, yet they themselves were miserable. Becoming successful is a process, but if the process sucks, so might the final destination. It’s important to bring joy to the process so the journey is as amazing as the destination. You must be willing to consider that…

Success can be Simple ~ @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

So in the spirit of creating success that flows with ease and grace in 2014 below are 7 steps to Simplify Success. Enjoy the process, and reap the benefits.

1. Say No

No is NOT a four letter word. In fact saying No, can be the door to more authentic relationships and less chaos. Over committing and saying yes when you really want to say no, is stressful and creates resentment. Decide what you can do with love in your heart and everything else gets a, ‘No Thank You!’

You cannot please everyone. It’s a relief to stop trying ~ @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

2. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to simplifying your life because it slows down an overactive, restless mind. A daily practice creates a place of stillness and silence within you; a reserve of calm that you can tap into during the day. That calm can create the space to stop and reflect before automatically responding to anything. The 2 to 3 seconds of response time that my daily practice created in my life, literally changed everything. Meditation is free, requires no equipment and you can do it anywhere at anytime.

3. Cut Corners

No one can do it all. That is why no one should try. Attempting to give 100%, 100% of the time leads to stress, exhaustion and a sense of being overwhelmed. Cutting corners where you can, will buy you precious time for what is most important to you. If ordering take out once a week, frees up two hours to be with your partner or kids, it’s worth it. Obviously you can only cut corners that feel OK to you and that you can afford, I just want to inspire you to give yourself permission to not do it all perfectly all the time. And see that choosing your relationships or self care is actually better for the overall quality of your life and your stress level.

4. Ask for Help

Having the Superwoman Syndrome- doing it all on your own- can be isolating and exhausting. We all need help and asking for it is an important part of simplifying and becoming joyfully successful.

5. Create a Tribe

Creating a support system is one of the easiest ways to simplify. A tribe is a network of people you can readily call on for help. This help can be in the form of favors or mutual emotional support and inspiration. Sharing joys and wins, sorrows and losses within a safe group of like minded people is freeing and healing. Since finding support can sometimes be difficult, it has been simplified for you here for F*R*E*E*

6. Organize

In order to have an organized life, you must schedule. Scheduling is one of the top tools used to create simple success. No matter what it is, yoga, work, or a dinner date, you must schedule it. According to my pal, Marie Forleo, if it’s not on your calendar it doesn’t exist! An organized schedule cuts down on confusion, creates a sense of calm and increases productivity.

Organize. Schedule. Simplify. ~ @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

7. Bring Joy to It

Regardless of what must be done, you can choose to do it joyfully ~ @Terri_Cole {Click to Tweet}

It is impossible to be bitter and grateful at the same time. By focusing on your blessings, big and small on a daily basis, you increase the joy and sense of fun you bring to all of your endeavors. The easier and more simple things become the more joy you will feel. Practicing gratitude is an act of self care that really pays off. Make sure that you slow down long enough to actually count your blessings. (Put it on your calendar!)

I hope this list was helpful. I am interested to hear from you so please drop a comment here and share your struggle to simplify or your brilliant solutions!

I hope you have an easy breezy week, and as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love

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  1. Hi. I have problems with my husband’s parents. Basically we don’t like each toher and I am terrified to spend even few hours with them. But I also know that they are a part of my husband’s life and I have no option but to tolerate them. I am most scared of the day when we have to stay with them, if one of them dies or their health deteriorates and since my husband is a dutiful son, he would want to stay with them to take care of them. Please help.

    1. Jdo thanks for reaching out. It can be extremely painful when there is a difficult relationship dynamic within the family.
      From your post it sounds like your fearful thoughts are going into overdrive worrying about ‘the day when…’ Of course your husband will honor and want to care for his parents, yet how you feel matters as well. Try and share openly and calmly your concerns with him if you have not already.
      In the meantime I encourage you to practice present moment awareness through perhaps meditation and breathing. These are big issues you are facing, though they are not set in stone. Do what you can with what you have today, and trust that things are rarely as bad as the mind fears says they will be.

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