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How do you feel about your career? Are you happy with what you’re doing? Do you wish you were doing something else? Did you always have a dream you’d be doing something else, but deep down you feel like that boat has sailed for you? Do you think it’s too late to change your mind?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking me how I made the switch between my former career as a talent agent to my current one as a psychotherapist and transformation coach with a public platform. So I decided to dedicate an entire episode of Hello Freedom to telling the tale (and sharing my mistakes so you can avoid them!) I believe that everyone has 5 really good careers in them and it’s possible for you to do what you want at any stage in your life.

The first step to making any change is to honestly dial into how satisfied you feel. Before I made the change in my career I kept holding out hope that with the next level of success or the higher pay grade, I would feel happy , satisfied and inspired. When that didn’t happen, I realized I had to make a move and was afriad. It took three years from the moment I knew I needed to quit my job until I actually did it.

Once I built up my therapy and coaching practice I once again reached a cross roads. I loved what I was doing but wanted to reach more people than a one on one practice would support. That is when my pal Kris Carr turned me onto Marie Forleo’s B School  and everything changed. I took what I learned in B School and went global with my brand and created total location freedom. It is such a great resource where I learned how to run an online business, put myself our there, and create true success. Today on the show I’m answering your questions about careers: how to make a change, how to figure out what you should really be doing, and more.

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“I believed that success and money would create the feelings that I was seeking in my life. It didn’t.” –  Terri Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

Show Notes:

  • What motivated me to leave my career as a talent agent
    How I knew I should leave my job
    What it’s like to go to school and work at the same time
    Why it took me so long to leave my career
    My fears when I started my psychotherapy career
    The challenges of being a therapist
    How I became Broadway’s psychotherapist
    The problem with being a workaholic

“Part of the process of being a therapist is the way you interact with the client, it isn’t about knowing the answers.” – Terri Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}


  • Why I wanted to grow my reach
    How to market yourself without feeling sleazy
    When I realized that there was a better way to do what I wanted
    Why I’ve revisited B School every year
    What inspired me to create my first meditation CD
    It feels so good to be achieving these successes
    Why it’s never too late to start over

“Whatever it is that you’re interested in, do more of that thing.” – Terri Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}


Links Mentioned:

“I have no doubt that you can make whatever changes you want to make in your life so that you feel the way that you want to feel.” – Terri Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}


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  1. Terri,

    What would be a solution to find what you like, enjoy? I am meditating (imagine a white light, ask for guidance that is non-judging) journaling, seeing and sensing what looks good and made me smile, looking on line at courses, yoga and still have a disconnect.

    1. Great question, Eric. I would advise you to keep looking for what lights you up (definitely keep meditating). Also, be aware of the internal dialogue taking place in your mind. If you’re doing yoga, thinking about how you feel disconnected, it may be your thoughts more than anything that are draining your joy. I suggest keeping a thought journal and jotting down what’s going through your mind every couple of hours or so. Notice what you’re saying to yourself and how it makes you feel. If you don’t feel good then shift what you are thinking about. I think this post may help > https://terricole.com/5-ways-to-create-new-mind-grooves/

  2. This morning I prayed for a sign. A sign that would
    S P E L L out the direction of my future. I have been wanting to become a therapist. For years. I know it’s my calling, Terri but I’ve had fear surrounding a career change. Until now. Hello Freedom! Thank you, Terri. YOU are making a difference. YOU are making an impression. Thank you for your podcast and your beautiful words of encouragement.

    1. Wow Sherrie-you just made my day! Thank you so much for listening and thank you for sharing your A-ha moment with us. If I can do it so can you! Keep us posted on your progress 😉

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