fear to freedom

I was working all of the time with no time to focus on my personal life and finding love.”

“I remember seeing all of the promotions for B-School and seeing all of the success stories wondering if the B-School Magic would work for me and my business too.”

“I felt limited by my geographic location and I wanted to expand my reach but wasn’t sure how to do it.”

I was hesitant but had a gut feeling it was the right move.

These are just a few of the things my now B-School alumni pals, Lara and Christine, felt before they decided to take the leap. Just like you, they felt scared, frustrated, overworked and alone. They wanted to make a change but didn’t know how. They knew they couldn’t keep doing what they were doing if they wanted to connect with more clients, create real freedom and more financial abundance.

As you’ll hear in these two short videos below, they reveal that B-School was their key to unlocking the door to success, financial abundance and in Lara’s case, romantic love! They also developed new friendships, business partnerships and inspired ideas that helped them each more than triple their income!

Working for yourself and becoming your own boss is exciting and something so many of you dream about, but it can also be intimidating. When it’s you calling the shots and making all the decisions, you become solely responsible for the success of your business.

Part of the reason B-School is so amazing is that it takes the guesswork out of how to properly establish and run an online business. It provides a step-by-step process that you can visit again and again (when you pay for B-School once, you have access to it for life) to help you and your business continue to evolve.

So, yes, taking the leap, investing in yourself and deciding that you’re actually going to commit to your dreams is scary. But I took the leap, along with Lara and Christine and thousands of others all over the world. CLICK HERE to hear those stories.

Watch Lara and Christine’s phenomenal B-School stories!


I’ve made, in terms of my programs, over $120,000 just launching one program, twice!

The size of my email list has grown to 5 times what it was when i started!

I created more time and space in my personal life and in turn met and married the love of my life!


Immediately, I felt stronger and more confident as a business owner.

As a result, I became friends with a tribe of power house entrepreneurs and now dear friends. And I collaborated with top people in the wellness fields.

I was featured on media outlets on TV and online. I have successfully run my goddess retreat in Puerto Rico and it just keeps growing every year.

Specifically, I was able to triple my revenue!

Signing up for B-School is a life changing step that I hope you take but, you also have to do the work. And because fear is bound to pop up at some point throughout the program to try and stop you from moving forward (believe me this happens to everyone), I want to be there with you when it does.

When you sign up for B-School using THIS LINK you’ll not only get some incredible bonuses but you’ll also get me as a partner and a mentor to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs throughout the next eight weeks. B-School is more than just a financial investment and time commitment, it’s so much bigger than that. B-School is about you putting faith in yourself and your dreams and saying YES to living your purpose and sharing your gifts with the world.

Marie is the best at what she does and her B-School program is the only business program I endorse. I do this because it works. It’s helped me transform not only my psychotherapy and coaching practice but also my life. I want that for you too.

So ask yourself, if you don’t take the leap and register, what will be different in six months or a year from now. How will things be better? B-School is the place to learn the skills, gain the community and be held accountable to making your dreams come true. This program has helped its students earn up to six and seven figures just after their first round of taking the program.

When you take the leap, your true purpose will appear. via @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

Consider how much your life could change if you were making double what you make now with more time to spend doing the things you love?! B-School isn’t a magic pill, it is a guide that clears away the confusion around building a successful online business.

Only you truly know if B-School is right for you. So, I want to encourage you to take some time and really think about the questions above. If you feel in your gut that this is your time, then trust yourself and register now.

Still on the fence? If you want to register but just aren’t clear if B-School is right for you then email me at support@terricole.com to set up a twenty-minute laser coaching session with me, for free, to go over your situation and decide if B-School is right for you!

Remember, that B-School registration closes next week on Wednesday, March 2nd and that you won’t be able to sign up again until next year.

So if not now when?

And if not who you?

You are in charge of your life, living your purpose and following your dreams. Join me in starting now and let me and  team TC successfully guide you through B-School and onto the business and life you love!

I hope we can do this together.


Love Love Love



*image courtesy of StOrmz

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