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“When you know better, you do better.” – Maya Angelou


Do you feel like you date the same wrong person over and over again? Or are you in a relationship and feel like you have the same fight over and over again?


It feels sort of like being trapped in that 1993 movie with Bill Murray, Groundhog Day, where you can’t seem to figure out how you got here again (and again and again). This is the last video before the Real Love Revolution starts on February 1st and there are so many of you who want to talk about your love blocks and learn about them, which is what I am covering in this video because once you move them out of the way, you can either uplevel your current relationship or stop wasting your time dating the wrong person over and over again.

In this Real Love Revolution video, I discuss:

  • Love Blocks
  • Different Types of Attachment Styles
  • Understanding Your Love Blueprint
  • How Awareness Can Change Your Love Situation


So, what are love blocks?

I’ve been a relationship expert for almost 20 years and what I’ve observed is that so much of what happens in our love lives has to do with the old material – behaviors that we’ve learned from our family of origin (the family that we grew up in.) But this isn’t about blaming anyone or making your family wrong, it’s just that you are the way you are in love and in relationships for a reason. Without being aware of unresolved or unconscious material, changing unfulfilling patterns can be nearly impossible. But you can intentionally become aware of this material. To pull back the curtain on who you attract romantically and learn why we combine your attachment style, download your romantic love blueprint below

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And as always, take care of YOU.


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  1. I recently broke off a nine month relationship with a widower. He struggled to meet my emotional needs and I believe that is because he never healed from the loss of his wife almost eight years ago. His fifteen year old daughter enjoyed me at first, but as I got closer to her dad, she began being disrespectful to me. Their relationship is very enmeshed; neither had friends and relies on the other for everything. It was almost ‘spouse like.’ I was the only one in therapy and worked closely with my therapist on how to deal with the situation. I tried and gave as willingly and generously as I could. But, when there are two other people in the relationship who have done no work on themselves or the situation, it’s a no-win situation. I’m still hurting and wishing I had seen the signs earlier. The good news is, I believe he opened my heart again to love. I will pray that springtime will bring me a healthy man with adjusted kids, or no kids.

    1. Lynn,
      Thank you for sharing your story here with us. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things for you and I will also be sending you vibrant, healthy love energy 😉

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