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How to Manage a Toxic Relationship on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Today I’m talking about how to spot and manage a toxic relationship. This question came out of my group that I have on Facebook, which you can join! It’s a group of wonderful like-minded women waiting for the launch of my Real Love Revolution course (and getting tons of freebies from me!). We have been discussing the topic of toxic relationships together, and these are not just romantic relationships! They can be with friends, siblings, parents, coworkers, and more.

Do you have any relationships that you think might be toxic? How does that person make you feel? Are you constantly on edge, fearing being blamed or attacked when you’re with them? We all have had one of these relationships. The question is what do we do to change it?

I also want you to know that I’m doing a webinar on this very topic on Thursday at 5pm ET! If you sign up for the Real Love Revolution waiting list, you’ll get a note about it. In the webinar I’ll be talking all about relationships, how to stop repeating unsatisfying realities, and curing the disease to please.

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“Even if someone has power over you, you still have power to draw appropriate boundaries.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What are indicators of a toxic relationship
  • What is an energy vampire
  • The danger of too much drama
  • Why you shouldn’t change your opinions for someone else
  • Why you shouldn’t tolerate lying
  • How toxic people can make you go low

“No matter how someone else behaves, no one has the power to make me act below my own level of integrity.” – Terri Cole


  • What you can do about a toxic relationship
  • How to tell the toxic person how you feel
  • The importance of setting limits
  • How to change your reaction
  • How to decide if you should end the relationship
  • Are you willing to be brave?

What to do if you’re in a toxic relationship:

    1. Tell the toxic person how you feel
    2. Set limits
    3. Be mindful of your own responses
    4. End the toxic relationship

“What does it mean to be assertive? It’s the healthy place between being too passive and being too aggressive. Assertive doesn’t have a lot of heat.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“Your healing comes from having the courage to draw boundaries that you need to draw in your life so that toxic relationships don’t run free.” – Terri Cole








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