Tara Stiles on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Let’s talk about food. Do you cook? Do you adapt recipes to make them simpler? Do you want recipes that are simple and easy to make?

Today I’m talking with a friend of mine Tara Stiles. You may know her as the founder and owner of Strala Yoga, which is a yoga system that ignites freedom (so you know she and I connect on a lot of levels).

Her new cookbook Make Your Own Rules comes out tomorrow, November 3rd. It’s full of recipes she’s collected from traveling the world, from different cultures, that she has made healthy. I love this because it allows us to have this comfort food that brings people together, but in a healthier way. Listen in to hear about the inspiration behind the book and where some of her recipes came from!

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“How can I be effective here? Is there an opportunity to create something different?” –  Tara Stiles

Show Notes:

  • What inspired her new cookbook
  • How she named her cookbook
  • How she creates unique ideas
  • Why you have to follow your own process
  • The difference between right and what is right for you

“All the good stuff that we want really comes to us in our lives when we are in that sweet spot of following how we feel.” – Tara Stiles


  • How she collected recipes for her book
  • How food creates community
  • Why you should eat simply for good health
  • Why she loves practicing yoga
  • Why you have to follow how you feel

“If you want to have a full house with happy people and family, just set out food on the table.” – Tara Stiles


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“Everybody around the world, we may think that people are so different, but we have so much in common.” – Tara Stiles

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