Mike Robbins on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Mike Robbins, Mike has a very special place in my heart, because he was the speaker right before at my first ever I Can Do It Conference for Hay House, and I was terrified to speak in front of all those people. Mike and his story really connected with me, and even though he didn’t know me, he thought I could do it.

Let me tell you a little bit about Mike’s story. After three years living his dream as a pro baseball pitcher, he had an arm injury that benched him for good. That experience made him really question his identity and he realized that the self criticism and self doubt that he experienced during that time is an epidemic in our culture.

His new book, Nothing Changes Until You Do, really examines the relationship between you and yourself. The book’s goal is to give you a new way to look at yourself and your life, and is laid out with 40 essays from his personal journey. He gives you techniques to move away from critical self perception. But the real takeaway from this book is how to make peace with yourself.

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“Me being kinder to myself isn’t just a benefit to me, it’s actually a gift for the people I love and care about the most.” –  Mike Robbins

Show Notes:

  • The inspiration behind his new book
  • How we talk to ourselves vs. others
  • How he wrote this book by talking
  • How our negative self talk affects those around us
  • How negative self talk can be come an addiction

“Fear is not the problem. It’s our relationship with it that is the problem.” – Mike Robbins


  • How being miserable can be selfish
  • How we make up stories to satiate our desire for certainty
  • Why we have to change our relationship with our fear
  • Why you have to take care of your physical self

“If the animal’s not taken care of, meaning our physical self, it’s very difficult for any of the spiritually connected, creative part of me to come out.” – Mike Robbins


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“When I’m really in that place of truth and freedom, those things are just ancillary benefits of living life in an authentic way.” – Mike Robbins

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