Meggan Watterson on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Today we’re talking about love: loving yourself, and how that love can help you love others. And to help me talk about it, I’m bringing in a leader in the field of feminine divine and spirituality, Meggan Watterson.

I first met Meggan at her first Reveal conference, where she told her incredible story about her studies, her pilgrimage to sites of the divine feminine, and her understanding of herself as a spiritual misfit.

Meggan’s new book, How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People) was written with her co-author Lodro Rinzler, and is packed full of spiritual advice for modern love and relationships. The content is so accessible, and we share a lot of the same beliefs about how self love is the path to true love.

I think you’ll love our conversation all about loving yourself and others. Thanks for listening in.

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“Ultimately, that outward search for finding that source of love that’s going to be limitless and unconditional needs to be directed inward.” –  Meggan Watterson

Show Notes:

  • How she met co-author Lodro Rinzler
  • People’s desire to feel worthy of love
  • Why people sabotage love that comes into their lives
  • How our capacity to love ourselves correlates with our capacity to love someone else
  • What creates codependence

“At the root of our search for love is this need to feel worthy of it.” – Meggan Watterson


  • How our interior world is reflected back to us
  • The importance of understanding what we want sexually
  • The difference between sex and sacred sex
  • Why you have to be courageous to love yourself
  • Why she acknowledges every day that there is a source of unconditional love within her

“The most important relationship we will ever have in our life is the one we have with ourself.” – Meggan Watterson


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“We don’t actually need anyone outside of us to give us what we’ve come here for. It’s within us.” – Meggan Watterson

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