Stop Being Manipulated Now (For Empaths + Nice People) on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Stop Being Manipulated Now (For Empaths + Nice People) on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeDoes your kind and compassionate heart ever leave you feeling like a sucker? Do you feel like you over-give? Are you being manipulated? Are you drawn to people who have high expectations of what you should be doing for them?

Today on the show I’m talking about how you can stop getting manipulated now! First, I want to help you identify someone who may be manipulating you. And then I want you to implement tools to put manipulators in their place. Because no one should be walking all over you or taking advantage of your empathic, kind nature.

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“When you’re an empath you’re very dialed in not only to people’s feelings but also to what they want.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why you have to be aware of your background
  • The difference between being needed and being used
  • How to identify potential manipulators
  • Is someone being overly flattering?
  • Do they act differently with different people?
  • Why you have to avoid self-blame
  • What manipulation actually is
  • How to mirror the manipulator’s behavior
  • Try instituting a 24 hour decision making policy
  • No is not a four letter word

“There’s a difference between being truly needed and getting involved with people who just use you.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“The fact that you don’t want to do something actually matters, and the only way it’s going to matter to other people is if it matters to you.” – Terri Cole

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  1. How do I access your ” setting boundaries” video? I struggle with setting boundaries with manipulators. I am an empath. Thanks so much…

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