Happy Love Month!

This month we are all about the love! Every week, we are going to discuss a different category of love. I want to kick it off with self-love. We need to start with some introspection to gain a deeper understanding of the love energy we send, and thereby, receive.

I want to start out this week’s tip with a question: are you looking for love? Maybe you’re looking for more satisfying love?

If so, let me share a truth I know for sure: Self Love Is The Path To True Love.

I want you to carve out some time over the next couple days to think about how much you love yourself and how you treat yourself. Pay attention when you talk about yourself both to others and internally. Are you positive or negative? Are you constantly putting yourself down or are you kind and gentle?

Who you draw into you life and how they treat you is influenced by how you treat and regard yourself. If you are your own worst critic or feel unworthy, you will inevitably draw people into your life who will agree with your self assessment. At the other end of the spectrum, if you treat yourself with respect, love, and high regard, others will to. People look to you to set the example of what you believe is acceptable behavior. Remember: you reap what you sow!

Along with being mindful of how you talk about yourself, for the next 7 days I challenge you to do something super sweet for yourself. Treat yourself like you would a small child whom you adore.

I would love to hear if this tip resonates with you and what you unearthed in your self talk analysis. What are some of the nice things you will do for yourself this week?

I hope you have an amazing week filled with self-loving kindness!

Love Love Love


PS: The title cards to my videos this month were all drawn by my talented son, Alex Juhasz. Check him out: http://www.alexjuhasz.com/. You will be seeing these designs again very soon in my L*O*V*E deck of cards… stay tuned for more details and product launch date!

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  1. AAKay (Yes, Kay IS my real name also) A person cannot unscramble eggs. I am a mom who has struggled a lot with adult kids blaming me for thing, some valid gripes and some not. Parents are not The Higher Power. They are fellow human beings on a journey called Life and you are a have been an important part of theirs, with abilities, and frailties just like yourself. Hopefully you can turn it over to your Higher Power. In AA we say. Let go and let God

  2. i enjoyed your article about loving oneself. i have suffered with low self esteem and panic attacks due to
    fear of the unknown. i’ve always felt like i’m attracting negativity but have trouble changing my blueprint or the way i think. i need to change my self talk. any tips would be so appreciated on how to handle panic thoughts due to fear. i’ve been in counseling.. thanks for your wisdom.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post yesterday. It really resonated with me. I received some great news last night and before I could start thinking “wow this is probably the only good thing that will happen to me for a long time” I thought of your post and instead decided to congratulate myself on the news because I deserved it, and I deserve more in the future. Thanks Terri!

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