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This week’s Tune Up Tip relates directly to the conversation we were having in Wednesday night’s class (BTW, there’s still time to join that conversation). However, whether you are attending the class or not, developing a better connection to the wisdom your body offers will help you on the path to Living Your Truth.

Your body is constantly sending you signals. Whether it is that gut feeling, heart racing, or even a headache, your body’s reactions hold the answers to your mind’s questions.

Our minds are more evolved than our bodies, meaning our minds can over-analyze and attach meaning, thereby tripping us up. But, our bodies are more instinctual and our subconscious can scream at us through our visceral being what we should do in a given situation. In other words, our bodies do not lie.

The question is are you listening? I want to challenge you to become conscious of the way your body is feeling.

Let’s use a very common problem: confusion. When you are at a crossroads, your fear mind is telling you to do one thing, but your body (instinct) is telling you to do something else. Your mind tells you, you are confused. This is where you need to tap into the profound power and wisdom your body has to offer.

So, when you are confused, STOP and FEEL what your body is telling you. You may find that you are not confused but afraid to know what your body is saying. This knowledge may require you to take an action you do not feel ready to take. Reassure yourself with the truth that you can make an informed decision in your right and perfect time, but also realize that denying what you know deep down will not make it go away. Body consciousness will help you get to your truth sooner than later.

I am often asked, “How do I hear what my body is saying”? Well, we cannot hear the wisdom our body is offering if our mind is always rushing, ruminating about the past, or projecting into the future. Our authentic self exists in silence. To help you tap into your body talk, I want you to take 5 minutes every morning for a grounding meditation. Simply sit for 5 minutes and say “so” on the inhalation and “hum” on the exhalation, silently. Since you are not attaching any meaning to these words, your mind will start to quiet as you dial into your body wisdom.

Let me know how the mediation works for you and if it helps you harness the power of your body’s signals to gain clarity in a situation. Or, maybe you need a little advice from your fellow truth seekers. Share your stories and questions here, on Facebook, and Twitter. I do respond to every comment :-).

Our instincts are a gift ~ open and enjoy!

love love love


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  1. Dear Terri, thanks for the meditation concept it really helps. Aunt Linda ( Laundra) told me I needed to stop trying to take care of everyone else and do something just for me. So here I am!!I am sure Aunt Linda has told you alot about my family, but the drama has never been worse!! I don’t know how to handle it! Hoping these classes will help. Sharon

  2. Terri, quite a revelation. My body talks to me all the time,lol, I don’t always listen. Recently I am finding that my hands are so sore and stiff every morning. After reading your post I realize that I am holding on to emotions so tightly that I believe it is showing up in my hands. After surviving breast cancer I think I have been afraid to let go of some feelings for fear of not being able to recover. I have not grieved my loss and until I do it will show up in other parts of my body I am sure. Thanks Terri for getting me thinking and allowing me to work on this before it is too late. Can’t wait till tomorrow nights class. Rosey

    1. Rosey-
      thank you so much for sharing your discovery here! So awesome! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see what this transformation brings into your life!
      love love love

  3. Hello Terri,

    When a man achieve to remain calm and positive in a stressful situation, that is just wonderful. Sadly,these kinda people have always been in a minority.
    All the best…

    ps: Love your “love love love” greeting.

  4. Gabriela!
    Whooo Hoooo Go YOU! Thank you so much for sharing your progress here with us. It is amazing to see the shifts that happen the second you start to dial in to your behavior. Can’t wait to see what other transformation is coming your way as our course continues!
    love love love

  5. I realized that after work, my throat was always very dry and sort of sore. I realized I forced my voice’s pitch to be higher during those work hours, without even knowing why, it just happened. So I started using just my voice as it is naturally, instead of forcing myself to do something that I was probably programmed to do without even noticing.I feel like when I deal with people at work now, I am more personal and honest. This epiphany was part of the 48 hour tracking of the “disease to please”. Already living more of my truth, and very grateful.

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