Could your sex life use a boost? Do you even think about it? Or does your To Do list dominate most of your mind space?

Developing and maintaining  a healthy sexual relationship is an important piece of creating deep love. Even if you’re single, it’s essential to stay connected to this important part of your self. In a long-term partnership, the stressors of daily life can derail a once vibrant sex life. There are so many factors outside of the bedroom that impact our desire. Identifying and discussing what’s really going on is one road back to being passionately engaged.

Sexual communication can be difficult for a variety of reasons, from upbringing to issues of worthiness. Being able to talk about what excites you (or not) – is the number one indicator of a healthy, vibrant sex life. And even if you’ve never been good at communicating directly about your desires, it’s never too late to learn!

In this week’s Real Love Revolution video talking about sex (baby!), I cover:

  • Some differences between the genders and the orientation of sexual desire
  • How to minimize the negative impact that external circumstances can have on your sexual connection
  • Actions to take to know yourself better sexually
  • Ideas to bring a little heat back to your relationship

The way you experience sex is informed by your history, background, culture, family and other factors. Understanding how these factors may have unconsciously created limitations in your ability to deeply explore yourself sexually is the key to changing what’s not working. After watching this week’s video, please download and fill out the Sex Blueprint worksheet I created for you to streamline this process. Being cut off from your own sensuality and sexuality dims your love light and you deserve to shine bright in all areas of your one of a kind, amazing life!

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Thanks for watching, reading and sharing!

And as always, take care of YOU.

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