Gabby Bernstein on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Does fear control your life? Do you allow your mafia mind to bully you into living a smaller version of your ideal life?

Fear is a tricky bastard, and I’ve spent much of my life and career decoding it. My interest in fear was directly inspired by what I sometimes refer to as my, year of fear, where in less than a year my father died, I was diagnosed with cancer twice and Vic and I were held up at gunpoint (for the full story click here to view my TEDx talk) That experience drove me to become an expert at understanding the mind/body connection to fear so I could free myself and eventually teach thousands of clients to do the same.

I’m so excited about today’s episode of Hello Freedom because it’s all about how to turn fear into faith. One of my nearest and dearest pals, Gabby Bernstein, is sharing fear transforming  tips and strategies from her brand new book, The Universe Has Your Back. In it she explores how and why most of us are still letting fear drive our decisions. Think of it as a “how to” for navigating this life on a faithful path.

Listen now to hear all about Gabby’s book and how to trust that the Universe is looking out for you!

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“It’s honoring our wounds, honoring our resistance, and honoring our patterns before we start to transform them or choose to see them differently.” – Gabby Bernstein


Show Notes:

  • How to turn fear into faith
  • Why you need to understand your resistance to love and spirit
  • How Gabby reconnected to God while writing her book
  • What commitment Gabby makes to her readers

“The goal and the intention of this book is to strengthen your faith in a power greater than yourself, whatever that may be for you.” – Gabby Bernstein


  • Why you have to tap into your power
  • How to use the energy you put out into the world
  • The importance of recovering and cleaning out the junk
  • Why recoveries can be slow

“While I do believe in a slow recovery, I also believe in fast results.” – Gabby Bernstein


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“What I long for most is to be in that feeling of freedom.” – Gabby Bernstein








*Featured image courtesy of Hamad AL-Mohannna

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