Dr. Frank Lipman on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeHow overwhelmed are you when it comes to what you should be eating? Drinking? Thinking? How do you feel about gluten? What about meditation? Or mindfulness? Is sugar really all that bad for you? How much should you sleep?

We all have so many questions when it comes to our health, and for every question, there are a hundred answers. There’s so much information out there. You’re not alone if you are feeling like you have information fatigue.

That’s why I’m talking with Dr. Frank Lipman today. He’ll be bringing clarity to all of the choices you have to make around health and fitness with tips from his newest book, The New Health Rules.

Frank and I used to be colleagues at 11 11 Wellness Center in NYC and in that office, just as in his book and in his advice, he works in a way that supports clarity, transparency, and honesty. I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode.

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“Health can be the amount of chemicals you put on your skin, it can be if you don’t spend time in nature.” –  Dr. Frank Lipman

Show Notes:

  • The inspiration behind the layout of his new book
  • The importance of letting things go
  • Why holistic medicine is important
  • Why your diet and sleep are as important as your social life and community
  • The power of laughter
  • The yoga pose that helps with exhaustion or agitation
  • The benefits of working standing up
  • The negative impacts of high impact exercise
  • Why there isn’t one right diet for everyone

“There’s no one right diet for everyone, that’s the most important thing.” – Dr. Frank Lipman


  • Why you should try to eat foods as close to nature as possible
  • How you should learn how your body tolerates carbs
  • The dangers of sugar
  • Why gluten is a problem for a lot of people
  • The value of doing a cleanse
  • How to get hooked on health
  • Frank’s non-negotiable self care rituals
  • The benefits of doing some form of movement and meditation every day

“It’s what we’ve done to the food that has become a problem, not the food itself.” – Dr. Frank Lipman


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“If you can get someone to feel better quickly, then you’ve got them hooked on health.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

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