Gala Darling on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Today I’m so excited to be sharing my interview with Gala Darling. Gala is an absolute inspiration, who looks at the world with a sense of adventure and total possibility.

She is also a teacher, author and speaker teaching about radical self love. Her website helps women find their voice, live without fear, and fall in love with their life. Her book, which she first self published, is going to be re-released next year, and I can’t wait to pick up a copy.

I can’t wait for you to hear her story about how she overcame depression, an eating disorder, and her self-described love affair with being miserable to become the queen of self celebration.

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“I felt like these horrible glasses had been taken off and I was finally seeing the world for the beautiful place it really was.” –  Gala Darling

Show Notes:

  • Why the change to get offline
  • How she ended up in New York
  • Why she fell in love with the internet at a young age
  • How her upbringing affected her positive attitude
  • How she overcame depression and self harm
  • How her blog progressed from fashion to self care
  • The healing properties of expressing yourself through fashion
  • The value of consistent positive encouragement

“Wearing something that feels like a true expression of yourself and makes you stand up a little taller can change the way you approach your day.” – Gala Darling


  • Why you need to practice radical self love every day
  • Why you have to prioritize your own self care
  • Non-negotiable self care rituals
  • Why she decided to self-publish her book
  • How she was influenced by Mike Dooley
  • How to make choices based on what you want
  • How to trust that things will happen if they’re meant to

“I think it’s so important to dress in a way that feels representative of who you are on the inside.” – Gala Darling


Links Mentioned:

“To me, being free is making the choice regardless of what other people think of it.” – Gala Darling


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