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Do you feel like everyone else got the memo on how to find the right person, get married and get on with life that somehow you missed? Do you secretly wonder “When will it be my turn? What am I doing wrong?” If you are nodding your head right now, this week’s Real Love Revolution video is for you!

I’m going to help you change your “luck” in love, by covering:

  • How creating and attracting healthy love has nothing to do with luck
  • Common relationship mistakes that make people believe they’re “unlucky”
  • The factors that impact someone attracting a healthy relationship
  • How to remain empowered and motivated while dating

There are many reasons people feel like they’re unlucky in love. One that I have seen repeatedly is mistaking lust for love. You may have physical chemistry but that does not always equate to psychological and emotional compatibility. Another is mistaking flash for substance. Someone trying to impress you by taking you to a fancy restaurant can be seductive but not nearly as important as them being a good listener or a decent human being. Lastly, is mistaking words for actions. Lofty promises or flattery is nice but actions and accountability are the foundations for a real relationship.
For more common dating mistakes that lead to the false belief of being “unlucky in love”, check out this week’s video and checklist: 5 Actions to Change Your Love “Luck”, Now!

My theory as a psychotherapist and a relationship expert is that there really is no luck when it comes to love.
There are other factors that impact how well you know how to attract a healthy relationship. One of those factors is your downloaded love blueprint. In this blueprint, there will be a few key questions that you can ask yourself about your family of origin and your parent’s marriage, which will give you some insight into your internal paradigm around romantic relationships.  

It’s time to commit to throwing out the idea of luck altogether – luck means it’s in someone else’s hands. To change your “luck” around love, you must make the decision to fall madly and deeply in love with yourself. Get to know yourself and your love blueprint, and then be willing to stay in the game. Everyone has bad experiences. You can let the bad relationships define you and decide you are “unlucky in love,” or you can push forward. The bad experiences let you learn something about yourself. So let’s lose the phrase “unlucky in love,” and move towards being empowered, which means doing something and being willing to be vulnerable. Learn after every bad date. You have to be willing to deal with yourself and confront your insecurities because your limiting beliefs have everything to do with what is happening.

To learn more about how you can change your “luck” around love, click the button below to download the Checklist: 5 Actions to Change Your Love “Luck” Now!

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And as always, take care of YOU.

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  1. This was great! However, what do you do when you really do not like dating? I love being able to get to know someone, taking my time. I am an introvert, so I have to take my time.

    When I think of lucky in love, I really think in terms of being at the right place at the right time…. and most of my friends who are happily married really accidently met each other, which does make it seem like right place right time. I have lots of introverted friends who are happily married… they did not “go out” and still managed to meet someone.

    I went through the Love Blueprint. My parents had a great relationship/marriage. They discussed when they disagreed on things. They understood no one is perfect and a lot of times one parent’s strength was the other weakness. They never put each other down, they adored each other and encouraged each other. My mother has since passed away, but my father loves her as much now as the day he fell in love with her.

    1. Hi Beth,
      That’s a great question! I think at that point it’s just a matter of meeting someone in a way that feeling organic and doesn’t take you out of your boundaries as an introvert. For example, are you a member of any Facebook groups or other online groups where you regularly chat with people who you share interests with? I think one way to look at finding a romantic connection “accidentally” is to be looking for friendship first. Other groups where you are meeting with people who have shared interests could be a great way to start, rather than a dating site.

  2. This was wonderful and just what I needed. When you talked about being lovable, worthy and awesome I burst into tears. I’m so grateful I seen this today. Thank you xo

  3. I loved this video and wish I had understood this years ago. When I tried to download the checklist, however, it didn’t work. Is there another way that I can download it? I checked out the website, etc., but didn’t see it anywhere.. Thank you so much for your insight,Terri.

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