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Unlucky in Love? on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeWhat do you think about luck and love? Do you believe what we’ve learned from TV and films and even children’s books that tell us that it’s all about being in the right place at the right time? That someone’s coming on a white horse, someone’s coming to rescue you?

It’s so much more than that, and your luck in love has a lot to do with your psychological health, the model of behavior that you’ve seen, your family of origin, and what someone – your parents, grandparents, mentors, whomever – taught you about love and connectedness. It’s all a part of what makes up your beliefs and history. I always have female clients who come to me asking when it’ll be their turn, why they’re unlovable, asking for help to get them unstuck romantically.

It’s time for you to really look deeply into your beliefs about love. Once you understand your history and patterns and blueprint and learn to love yourself, you can be open to loving someone else.

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“Sometimes it’s all sizzle and no steak.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is your downloaded blueprint
  • Why you can’t mistake lust for love
  • The value of patience in relationships
  • Don’t mistake words for actions
  • Why love takes time
  • No one completes you except you
  • Why we should get rid of the identity of destiny and soulmates
  • Why it’s not about luck
  • The importance of loving yourself
  • You deserve to be happy and in love

“I don’t care about what someone says. What I care about is what they do.” – Terri Cole

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“You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, madly and deeply in love with yourself and with a partner if that’s interesting to you.” – Terri Cole

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