Welcome to 2015!

Last year I resolved to maintain productivity while incorporating more personal balance in my life. This year is all about presence. My 2015 affirmation is #BeHereNow. When I remind myself to keep my head where my feet are I feel a sense of peace, ease and expansion. My worry and need to control drastically decrease and I am able to find joy in almost any experience.

While I wasn’t always this clear on what I wanted to create in my life, I discovered two tools over the last decade that have made resolutions and goal setting not only easier, but a heck of a lot more fun!

Last week’s Tune Up Tip was all about the ‘Crap You are Leaving Behind’ in 2014. Now that New Year’s Day has come and passed let’s dive right in to what you plan on creating in 2015. I am so excited to share with you the second part of my favorite year end tradition, as well as my #1 go-to manifesting tool!

If you haven’t already cleared the crap you want to leave behind, please do. You can find that exercise right below this post. Otherwise grab paper and something to write with and use the step below to help you identify what you desire.

Write down what you learned from your experiences, especially the ones that were painful or that you would consider negative. Once you honor what you learned, you won’t need to repeat the crappy situation. Even the worst situation has a gem. You just have to be willing to look through the crap to find it. This is where becoming the observer without judgment comes in. Get curious about how the crappy situation came to be and how you responded. Self knowledge is the key to transformation. Even if someone else behaved badly, the part that can be empowering is how YOU react or respond. New behavior and different choices can come from your willingness to clearly see your part in all situations. Once your gem list is complete, hold onto it.

What do you want to create for yourself in 2015: how do you want your life to look and feel? This list should be written in the present tense and include all areas of your life: love, health, family, wealth, friends, career, fitness, spirituality, etc. Marinate, meditate, and think on what you have written. Put this list where you can see it on a daily basis. When you look at this list, feel the feelings of having these things. By conjuring the feelings you become a magnet that will draw the experiences to you.

Speaking of feelings, over the last twenty years I have come to deeply understand the power they hold. So, it may come as no surprise that I recently made a big decision that involves a very good friend of mine, who many of you may already know.

I am excited to announce that I am now an official Licensee of The Desire Map, by my brilliant soul sister Danielle LaPorte. For those of you who aren’t familiar, TDM teaches you that by defining your core desired feelings, you can create a map for success. You can learn how to shift your entire life by allowing your inspiration to come from within rather than from an external source.

This partnership comes at a perfect time when many of you may fall into the trap of setting goals without soul that may lead you down a road of disappointment and despair. The Desire Map not only teaches you a new way to create your life but for some people, Desire Map Licensing is becoming their primary way of making a living. The Desire Map has been a game changer for me and the way I live my life, and I think it could be for you too. Based on what I know about you (and all my readers for that matter), I think this is something you should really take a look at.


So on top of committing to what you want to create in 2015 add to that make more money, while making a massive difference. More on TDM to come in the next couple weeks. In the meantime write your resolutions focusing on the way you want to feel, share them with a friend and take your first steps towards making this year an incredible one.

Happy New Year and as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love



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