I had the good fortune to see Brooke Shields in her amazing one woman show at Feinstein’s.

Yes, she is beautiful but also Lucille Ball funny and can really sing and act. Her life journey told in a 75-minute cabaret style review is a roller coaster of emotions and an exhilarating ride! What struck me most was how honest and raw the story was. The courage that it took for her to get up there and lay it all out inspired me.

Her journey from child star to loving mother and wife was not easy but there she was singing and dancing about the good, the bad, and dating George Michael! The resiliency of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. We all have stories that could inspire others if we shared them. Brooke’s painful experiences of loss, divorce, death of a parent, and struggling with postpartum depression could be anyone’s story. I appreciated her down to earth and authentic way of communicating her pain and joy.

It left me with the thought that leaving our own stories untold robs others of the healing that those stories may provide. So be generous and tell your tale…you never know who you may be encouraging and inspiring.

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