Hello Happy Health Seekers!

Recently I had the pleasure joining New York Times best selling author Kris Carr in leading an amazing weekend workshop of health, spiritual wealth and all things green and groovy at Kripalu in Lenox, MA. We were joined by 150 wellness warriors looking to Green up their God Pods (Kris) and Kick the Crap Out of their Mafia Minds (Yours truly)!

Much of the weekend content consisted of nutrition and lifestyle information based on Kris’s New York Times best selling book, CRAZY SEXY DIET. Kris laid out the fundamentals of her CSD as a low glycemic, mainly vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing the pH of the body with lush whole and raw foods, nourishing organic green drinks, and scrumptious smoothies. Kris’s message was all about preventing the inflammation that causes “Dis-ease.” Her program is based on cutting edge scientific research, thinking outside the box, as well as tips from her own healing journey. Kris broke down change in diet and attitude into small do-able steps.

Breakin’ Down the Mafia Mind

She also debunked the notion of all or nothing and shared valuable ideas on how to make ANY diet better one snack at a time. (Note: It is NOT a vegan or vegetarian diet. It is your diet…just better). Progress not perfection was the theme. All change, even positive, has the power to inspire massive amounts of anxiety and fear. This fear must be released and reframed in order for change to be sustained. Every unreleased constriction in your mind and your body creates toxic stress hormones AND gets in the way of your flow of abundance. (Kris would say any constriction holding = “Issues in your tissues!”)

There are many ways to release constrictions and I will share one of the exercises I led at Kripalu. When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, annoyed or stressed in any situation take the following actions to release your constriction.

2. Take 3 deep slow breathes.

3. Identify the feeling, look at it a bit, then release.

This exercise flexes your Be Here Now muscle. The more present moment awareness you build the less the Mafia Mind will suck you into a never ending negative script and the more flow of abundance you will start to experience in all aspects of your life.

Day 3 – Tired but On Fire Inspired!

We also danced are tails off, were lead in chanting music meditating by Jai Uttal, did writing exercises, discussed poop at length, and created a personalized Blue Print for Daily Living from my Live Fearless and Free workbook. Discussing and declaring your intention for what ever you are creating has mind-blowing power! You have everything you need right now to start living the life of your dreams.

So here’s to getting healthier and happier one meal, booty shake and released constriction at a time!

Love Love Love

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  1. Hi Terry, I am Ágota from Budapest Hungry and I have been meditating with you with your 21 day program before Christmas.

    I do it after work in my Zen with an open fire and my dog, Csibész. I am so grateful for you for this program. I am a single person and my wish is to find a romantic partner.

    I hope with meditation, self love and being present I will not be alone for a long time.

    God Bless You and your three children!



    1. Agota I am so thrilled to have you on this 21 Day Integration journey! Keep your eyes posted for another course around finding love through self love 🙂 Keep up the good work and lots of love to you. xo Terri

  2. I am new to your website but not totally new to your beliefs on healthy living. I would love to know if you have any weekends or classes coming up in 2013?

    1. Hi Anne-
      I will be scheduling something for the end of the year but am starting virtual groups in the next month or two if you are interested in hearing about how you can work with me you can contact my beautiful assistant marie@terricole.com and set up a strategy session with me. I am so happy you found me 😉

  3. Amanda-
    so great to hear from you and so happy you enjoyed your time with us. i am actually planning a retreat at a beautiful spot in sunny Florida in the fall so yes you will hear all about it so we can high tali it to a warm spot AND get ON FIRE INSPIRED together…with NO DRUMS!!!

  4. My sister and I learned so much that weekend and we are so grateful to you and Kris. Not only was the weekend filled with incredible knowledge and wisdom, but the two of you are so hilarious and made learning so much fun! We can’t wait for your book!
    And we would love to attend another retreat, but yes, one that’s a little warmer and preferably a place without drums 😉

  5. I know you were very satisfied with what you and Kris had accomplished in that weekend. Flexibility and improvisation are two important keys. Congrats to you both for the healing and helping that you do.

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