Hello Love Bugs!

Those of you who have been patiently waiting for us to figure out the V-day Ustream Video…here you go!

So if you have an interest in self-love, healthy/toxic love or family love (plus a smokin’ book recommendation for keeping sex hot), make a cup of tea and click play.  (Ok, you will have to click play 3 times since it was too long at 20 minutes to post one video!)

Please start a dialogue and share with us your experience of LOVE. What do you know for sure about LOVE? What action from another makes you feel most loved in your life right now?

Looking forward to hearing your words of wisdom.

Love Love Love,


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  1. thanks kyle! i learned that i need a direct connection and more broadband to ustream from the sticks!!! but it was fun none the less and i am so glad you enjoyed it!!
    love love love

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