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Boundary Bootcamp at the Office on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeToday I’m focusing on boundary bootcamp in the office. What does that mean? It means I’m talking about the ins and outs of drawing effective boundaries in the workplace.

What does it mean to draw healthy boundaries at work? What are the things you need to consider? Today I’m walking through creating boundaries for yourself and for your coworkers, boss, assistant, and anyone else you might encounter in the workplace.

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“My job is to help you unlearn the dysfunctional interaction and to learn something that will actually add value.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What it means to draw boundaries at work
  • How your blueprint dictates your boundaries
  • What are interactional boundaries
  • You have to give yourself permission to draw boundaries
  • Why you have to dial into the wisdom of your body
  • The importance of cleaning up your side of the street
  • Ask yourself the three Q’s
  • Why you have to look at the context
  • When you can have a conversation with someone

“How will anyone know how smart, creative, and amazing you are if you never share authentically and speak up.” – Terri Cole

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“You’re drawing boundaries so that other people have a clue how to interact with you.” – Terri Cole




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