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Is there one person at work, no matter where you work, who drives you crazy?

Or do you always seem to have a boss who is completely awful and can reduce you to tears with their difficult personality?

Or do you find yourself in work situations where you consistently do more than your share of work and end up feeling resentful or underappreciated?

Since you are the common denominator in all of the situations in your life, figuring out why you find yourself in an undesirable situation repeatedly will give you the ability to mindfully choose something better.

In today’s video, I am breaking down how to rock boundary bootcamp in your professional life. I will be covering:

  • How your boundary style was formed
  • How to give yourself permission to set boundaries
  • Ways to dial into your body wisdom to set boundaries EARLY & OFTEN
  • How to use boundaries to elevate your success at work

There are specific factors to be considered when trying to successfully draw effective boundaries in your life, which includes work.

Let’s start with the fact that your own personal boundary style is not random.

There are a particular set of circumstances that came together, including your nature, that created your boundary style. Many of us don’t know how to draw healthy boundaries simply because we were never taught.

The good news is that you can learn.

One major factor that impacted how you relate to coworkers, managers or subordinates is the models of behavior that you witnessed growing up.

Many of the things you learned growing up were probably great and work, but my purpose is to provide you with information and functional skills you might not have gotten.

The first necessity in learning to draw boundaries at work is truly giving yourself permission to do so.

Do you believe you have a right to speak your preference about something, disagree with the majority or share your thoughts honestly?

One motivation for taking the steps to draw boundaries in the workplace is so that people can see how amazing your authentic self actually is!

The second thing that can help you know when to draw boundaries is to dial into the wisdom of your body in the moment.

Feeling resentful or guilty can be a sign that perhaps a boundary needs to be drawn.

With practice and patience, speaking authentically and drawing boundaries at work will become your new normal.

Just like learning any new skill set, it will take time and effort and you are worth it!

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And as always, take care of YOU.

Photo credit: Tim Gouw

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  1. Great video, Terri! We spend so much time and energy at work so it is helpful to learn ways to improve our effectiveness and increase our enjoyment there.Thanks!

    Question: you mention being mindful to know when you’re becoming restricted during a work interaction. What are the ways you have found best to practice becoming more mindful? Is it primarily meditation with a mantra? Other?

    1. Cyndi-
      Thank you for your comment I really appreciate you being here. For mindfulness to become a part of your daily experience, a dedicated meditation practice and to do at work breathing exercises and energy work are both great and effective options. One of my close pals Lara Riggio is a skilled energy expert and you can find many FREE energy tips and exercises on her site, πŸ˜‰

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