Barbara Huson on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Barbara Huson on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeToday I’m talking to my friend Barbara Huson, though you may know her as Barbara Stanny (she recently changed her name). Barbara has been a leader around women and money for over 25 years, with six books for women about finding power and financial independence in their life.

Barbara’s work has had an impact on my life and helped me understand my relationship to money. Her latest book, Sacred Success, is no different. It asks us to examine our definitions of success: what does success really mean? In it, Barbara nterviews women making six and seven figures about how they got there and what limiting beliefs held them back.

In today’s episode, Barbara and I have a psychological conversation about money as we dig deep into what keeps women from taking control of this aspect of their life. If you don’t like your relationship to money, this interview will give you some ideas on how to change it.

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“If you don’t deal with your money, your money will deal with you.” – Barbara Huson

Show Notes:

  • Barbara’s background helping women with their money
  • Why you have to get serious about money before there’s a crisis
  • The inspiration behind Barbara’s latest book Sacred Success
  • Why women are afraid of power and money
  • What is the goal of sacred success
  • The three levels of financial development
  • Getting smart about money is about outer work, inner work, and higher work

“When you are committed, the universe revolves to help you reach your goal.” – Barbara Huson

Links Mentioned:

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“Studies show that men and women view power and money through very different lenses.” – Barbara Huson

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