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“These are repeating relationship realities. We have a tendency to repeat what is familiar.” – Terri Cole



Have you ever wondered why you attract the people you do romantically?

Do you find yourself dating a version of the same person over and over again…only to eventually be disappointed and frustrated? Or maybe you are in a relationship and you are craving more- more intimacy, better communication, and a deeper connection?

If you have ever thought amazing, epic love is for other people or the lucky few who happened to be in the right place at the right time, you are not alone. I used to think the same until I started diving deeper into therapy to understand my own attraction style. 

In this episode, I’m teaching you how to identify your romantic attraction style, because it is an important aspect of understanding your romantic experiences which sets the stage for you to create and maintain healthy, vibrant love. Self-knowledge is power and I can attest that real love isn’t for the “lucky,” it is for the self-informed.


  • 03:24 Identify patterns in your romantic life so far
  • 06:32 Why you should know your attraction type
  • 08:40 Attraction Type: The Fixer
  • 12:00 Attraction Type: The Follower
  • 13:26 Attraction Type: The Striver
  • 16:22 Attraction Type: The Soloist

Links Mentioned:

Follow along with this helpful guide to attraction types and their red flags

My course Real Love Revolution offers even more guidance to help you create your epic love

Take the boundary quiz and learn more about your Boundary Style

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