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“People always looked forward to going out for drinks with their friends on Friday. But now, a glass of wine is the punctuation in their day that they wait for—that was a new development for a lot of people during the pandemic.” – Patty Powers


Recently, many people have been asking me to talk about addiction. During the pandemic there has been an increase in consumption of substances like alcohol, weed, and pills around the world as people use them to cope with difficult times we are going through. Today I invited a special guest, my friend Patty Powers, who is an amazing addiction recovery coach who I have referred my own clients to. We’re sharing our conversation about addiction, relapse, and psychoeducation, as well as Patty’s own incredible battle with addiction.


  • 05:49 How Patty became a sober coach
  • 11:46 Importance of learning to be sober in your own life, not just rehab
  • 16:00 The changes Patty is seeing in her clients and friends’ relationships with substances during the pandemic
  • 19:32 Battling shadow addictions – Choosing for yourself what substances and behaviors are detrimental in your life, even if they may be acceptable to others

Connect with Patty Powers:

Featured on the A&E mini-series RELAPSE, Patty Powers is a nationally recognized recovery coach based in New York City.  

A drug user from the age of twelve, her personal story reads like a sex/drugs/rock & roll version of Forest Gump. moving through music scenes and art world parties of New York and London during the seventies and eighties, and unwittingly becoming embroiled with some international political players of the times. Returning to Toronto, she found temporary reprieve through education and marriage but it didn’t last. As her addiction progressed, everything and everyone she loved was discarded or destroyed until she found herself isolated and homeless in Los Angeles. 

Patty’s own recovery began in a treatment facility in Louisiana in 1988 and she has remained drug and alcohol-free.  After years of providing support to friends in the entertainment industry struggling with addiction, she gained a word-of-mouth reputation as a sober coach. This was at a time when coaching was an unrecognized mode of addiction treatment outside of Hollywood. Results speak for themselves and coaches, as well as sober companions, are now considered vital early recovery support for clients discharging from treatment facilities.

Patty creates individualized coaching plans based on the needs of each client. For those requiring a high level of support, she can provide 24/7 live-in coaching worldwide. Virtual Coaching plans are typically a 90-day commitment consisting of weekly live-video sessions and daily email communication. Virtual coaching is ideal for people who are highly motivated, those returning from a relapse or discharging from inpatient treatment, shadow addiction, or as a covid-era 90-day re-set. 

Patty shares experience-based advice on getting and staying sober freely on her blog at

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