Yasmine Cheyenne on The Terri Cole Show

Yasmine Cheyenne on The Terri Cole ShowYasmine Cheyenne is a mental health and wellness expert who specializes in teaching her clients tactics so that they can heal themselves. She started her career working with victims of sexual assault, and her work quickly got attention from corporations like Facebook, ABC, and Skillshare.

Today, Yasmine shares tools and techniques so that we can all learn to heal ourselves. We talk about how society has taught women to be submissive and what we can do to break this cycle and empower ourselves. Yasmine also talks about the importance of discernment, why you should always fact-check yourself, and more.

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“My goal is always to completely dissociate the societal context that keep us boxed in living unhappily.” – Yasmine Cheyenne

Show Notes:

  • What inspired her into getting on this path of helping other
  • Therapy and finding therapists in BIPOC communities
  • Tools and techniques to change your mindset
  • What women are socialized to be like
  • How to become more discerning
  • What to do to heal yourself
  • How to navigate disappointment

“Sometimes we are being taking advantage of because we don’t have boundaries in place.” – Yasmine Cheyenne

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Yasmine Cheyenne:

 Instagram | The Sugar Jar Podcast | Yasmine Cheyenne

“Sometimes the healing work becomes work.” – Yasmine Cheyenne

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