If you feel that the boundary conversation gets overwhelming or confusing, this show is for you.

We’re going back to boundary basics! I talk about the areas in life where we all need boundaries and how we can identify boundary violations. To help you set boundaries, I created some scripts for healthy boundaries that I share in this episode.

The basic definition of boundary is knowing what is ok and what’s not ok with you. I know this may sound simple but there are several different boundary types, and learning about them is key to helping you identify and assert healthy boundaries.

On this show, I talk about all sorts of boundary basics. I address physical, sexual, material, mental and emotional boundaries. I also share examples of how boundaries might be violated in your daily life, what you can do to prevent that, and much more.

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“In order to have mental boundaries you should first know what you believe.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to assert healthy boundaries
  • What boundaries are
  • The most basic physical boundary
  • What the types of boundaries are
  • Examples of sexual boundary violations
  • The importance of discussing safe sex
  • How to communicate your boundaries
  • When you should agree to disagree
  • What the insta-intimacy trap is

“You and you alone are responsible for your feelings just as others are responsible for theirs.” –  Terri Cole

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“Its difficult to set healthy boundaries if you never learned how.” –  Terri Cole

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