Around January 1st of this year you had goals. Maybe this was the year that you were going to buy a house, or new car. Or maybe you were going start a blog. Or perhaps you are like the millions of other Americans who wanted to dedicate 2014 to being more healthy. Regardless of the goals you set, I want you to pause for a moment, and think about where you are currently in regards to those goals and if setting them is productive use of your time.

According to only 8% of the people living in this country are successful in achieving their New Years Resolution. While resolutions are in many ways a tradition, they are also a declaration. You take time to evaluate yourself and your life, and you find ways for improvement. You then declare that you will do everything better.

Which I think is a big part of the problem. Goal setting can fall into the same joy sucking category as resolutions unless you re-frame and relax a little. If at the beginning of 2014 you had 20 things you were going to overhaul perhaps your list is too long. If you have a list but have not investigated how you want to feel and if these changes will actually produce those feeling, perhaps it’s time to re-think from a different angle.

Getting back on the goal wagon may actually mean re-evaluating the process all together and meditating on what you truly want and how you want to feel, period. When I have clients take a Fearless Inventory, it brings clarity to what they want while including their desired feeling state. Spending a little time thinking about what is right in your life right now and celebrating the small changes you have already made this year is a valuable exercise and feels good too.

Acknowledging & celebrating your progress becomes motivation to stay the course @Terri_Cole  {CLICK TO TWEET}

Now if you are currently part of the 92% that has either fallen off the wagon, or will do so eventually, then I would like to formally invite you to hop on a completely different wagon or to torch the wagon altogether.

It is possible to accomplish goals without the joy sucking experience of failed resolutions  @Terri_Cole   {CLICK TO TWEET}

I hope this post inspires you to take an honest look on how much you have already accomplished in 2014 and to celebrate those accomplishments. It is easier to focus on what you have not done but remember what you focus on grows, energetically.

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In the comments below please share with me your thoughts about goal setting and goal torching. Have an awesome week, and as always, take care of you.

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  1. Well i did but doubt came in i feel angry pissed off and how to handle my agression in the morning
    pissing everone one off who gave me trust,i almost feel it inmedetly that i kick everone off also hurting
    friends that i realy scared, with my ass stupid grumpy spoiled proud things,hard to believe the beauty off life many chances so i forgive myself ,its important i make right to those i hurt ore made cry,one by one i do it and for now i fitness follow and trust,my body and mind in shape and don’t fight with my perfectionisme and do what i demand from others i aint easy but its time to exept that its time give love tho those who supported me and take step down from my demands of life

  2. I have a lofty goal…to improve my sleep and try to eliminate insomnia. That said I have to face some scary times and change behaviours and beliefs that led to it. I know its a long road and meditation and mindfulness will help me get to it. But the goal is huge and I feel overwhelmed often asking myself if I can truly change some core parts of me. I use CBT and mindfulness to try and take a step at a time but some days its hard to believe I can do it.

    1. You can definitely do it. Try to lean in instead of looking away from the reasons you started not sleeping. Then analyze the secondary gain from staying sleep deprived. What does insomnia give to you? Do you use it as an excuse to avoid doing things you don’t want to do? If it is not a biological reason, there is another reason so try to find it and also check out the Manifesting into Sleep track on my Meditation Transformation CD (people have written me from all over the world saying it cured their sleep issues!) I am sending you sleepy vibes and insight. xo

  3. Goal setting is easy to do, it’s conquering the fear and anxiety that crop up, that’s hard to do. I’ve waited my whole life to have someone else to do my goals for me. I was raised to believe a man will take care of you, that you should wait on the man.

    Well that’s horse hockey. I’ve fought that notion for the last 10 years or so, and didn’t realize that it still stuck to me. Right in the heart of my relationship for the last two years. I’ve depended on the “man” to make me happy and pinned my dreams there.

    Not any more. My goal is to make my own happiness. Thank you for this.

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