What is your Romance Racket?

I was at a wedding a few years ago and introduced myself to the woman seated next to me explaining that I was related to the groom. She offered her name and then said, “I’ve been divorced for 18 years. Not exactly the love story I was hoping for but I’m much better off.” I smiled and nodded. Throughout the evening I heard her repeat this identifying story, immediately after offering her name to strangers, four more times.

This is what I call a Romance Racket

It is the limiting belief, painful story, unfortunate past romantic choice or experience that has become integrated into your identity in such a way that you may not even be unaware of it. The problem with this lack of awareness is that holding so tight to past hurts or regrets can deeply impact your romantic future. All of your past painful experiences need to be honored and understood so they can influence who you become in an empowered way. This requires processing the sadness and grief before moving into understanding your part of creating that experience.

Every relationship is a dance and each person is responsible for exactly 50% of what happens on the dance floor. I understand that for anyone who has felt victimized or been mistreated, this can be a tough concept to accept and might seem like ‘blaming the victim’. After twenty years as a relationship expert working with clients specifically around love and relatedness, I promise you it is the most empowered way to inspire self-knowledge. When you understand why you were drawn to a relationship and why you stayed (or didn’t) you deepen your understanding of your own love/romance blueprint, which is the most effective way to change it.

This week I am gifting you my Heart Healing Meditation

as well as providing you with Part One to identifying your Romance Racket, which is to gain clarity on your Love Blueprint.
Click here to access both free gifts and tune in next week for the Romance Racket questionnaire.

There is no better time than the present to figure out what has been keeping you stuck when it comes to love. Whether you are in a relationship that you know could be better or have given up on dating all together, remember: You are NOT your past experiences, behaviors or mistakes. You are a perfectly lovable human, doing the best that you can. Drop the self-judgement and decide to become the observer of your past experiences and get curious. Becoming an expert on yourself is the key to your romantic freedom and opens up the pure potential of your life.

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