What is True Love? on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

What is True Love? on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Do you think true love is having butterflies? Counting the minutes until you get to see someone? Or the feeling that you can’t live without that person?

Today I am talking a little bit about what true love is not, but mostly about what it is. What qualities to you see in healthy relationships? How do you implement those ideas into your own relationship? What red flags can you look for to identify if your relationship is maybe not as wonderful as you think? How do you know if what you have is special? Listen in as I tell you what true love looks like.

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“When you have a choice, every day you are choosing that person and that circumstance.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What true love looks like
  • True love doesn’t mean jealousy
  • Why true love doesn’t mean someone else completes you
  • Why self love is the foundation of true love
  • True love is about respect (and respecting your differences)
  • Why true love means acceptance
  • Trust is so important
  • Why you have to be give and accept forgiveness
  • The importance of choice
  • Love requires effort and intention
  • Why love requires unity
  • You have to communicate
  • True love should feel good
  • You have to make the effort

“The foundation of true love is self love.” – Terri Cole

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“When you’re with your partner you should feel good about yourself because they hold you in high esteem, and you hold them in high esteem.” – Terri Cole

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