Tribe Power with the Founders of Soul Camp on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Tribe Power with the Founders of Soul Camp on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeToday I’m talking about the power of play and community with two dear friends, Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum, founders of Soul Camp. I have taught and participated in Soul Camp in the past, and it has really had an impression on me.

As the world changes, so does Soul Camp – the activities, the kinds of connections people are seeking, and so much more. This is the last year of Soul Camp East the way it has been, so if you have ever thought of doing it, now is the time! And I truly recommend it. Soul Camp is an amazing experience that offers a real feeling of oneness and deep connection with your community.

Listen in to hear what Soul Camp will be like this year and the healing powers of this summer camp for grown ups.

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“As a society we are feeling more separate than ever.” – Michelle Goldblum

Show Notes:

  • Why people need Soul Camp more than ever
  • Why the upcoming Soul Camp is special
  • How the experience is healing and revitalizing
  • The importance of making deep human connections
  • What Soul Camp East is going to be like this year
  • At Soul Camp, the instructors are also campers

“You allow yourself to dream, and that’s the start to making those transformations in your life.” – Ali Leipzig

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“Oneness has been our guiding principle since day one of Soul Camp.” – Michelle Goldblum

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