This week I want to talk to you about trusting versus doubting.

Trusting is having the belief that things will work out. It is knowing that the life of your dreams can happen, and you take action steps in line with your goals to make sure it happens (no self-sabotage allowed!).

Doubting is needing everything to be proven to you—as if the universe, God, or whatever you believe owes you an explanation and proof that life is good and you are worthy. They don’t. You must do that for yourself.

A couple weeks ago, I was at a seminar by Gina Barnett with one of my sons Alex. She put us into groups of six to have a ridiculous debate about whether aliens exist or not. We were each given a piece of paper with the point of view we were to demonstrate in the conversation. Ironically, my point of view was “no one listens to me.” My son’s was “everything sucks.” Despite being a forced conversation and role-playing, this was an incredibly illuminating exercise. In sitting there, playing the role of not being heard, I felt so un-empowered. Another person in our group was given the role of “Doubting Thomas”—his point of view was that nothing ever works out. He was so incredibly irritating. I wanted to smack him! (Not in real life, but in the role he was portraying.)

Think about it, it IS irritating when someone requires a dissertation to prove every single thing in the world, and if there isn’t a stone cold scientific fact to back it up, it’s no good as far as this person is concerned.

I want to challenge you to think about your stance in life. Are you a trust-er or a doubt-er? Can you change it? (You know you can with a little thing I like to call present moment awareness coupled with harnessing the power of your intention, right?)

Can you take this week to place your trust in the universe and in your beliefs/faith? Can you take steps that lead you in the direction you seek? Can you quiet the voices of doubt and know that everything will be revealed in its right and perfect time? How does it feel to have this perspective?

Remember, even science is continuing to reveal more and adjust prior theorems. We’re on Mars for crying out loud thanks to people trusting that it could happen and working to make the seemingly impossible, possible. You can too!

I hope you have an amazingly empowered week and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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  1. Terri, I just want you to know I look forward to your newsletters and videos. Your “Well, hello there!” each week is music to my ears. I really appreciate the “trust” issue this week. I am having my right knee replaced today and I know I am doing the right thing (no pun intended). I have to do this to be healthy. I am going to remember to stay confident and use affirming language through this journey – all thanks to you!

    1. Lacey-
      Thrills me to know that I am adding some “music’ to your ears <3 I have an idea for your surgery. Everyday till then I want you to visualize it going exactly as planned and CONJURE the feeling of satisfaction and happiness in your chest that you heal well and quickly and now will have a new lease on life with the mobility you will gain and the chronic pain you will leave behind! Do this manifesting exercise twice a day and see how it effects what happens. Sending yo ulove and healing light.
      love love love

  2. Sounds like a great exercise .. Still learning to trust for myself( natural stance
    For me is doubt) didn’t used to be – always believe for everyone and total faith for them
    Struggle with the ” dreams come true for other people” a battle I believe I’m winning one day at a time 😉

  3. I’ve been starting to listen to the voices of doubt the last couple weeks. This week I’m going to trust the process. Thank you.

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