Today I’m super excited to be talking to my pal and the founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles.Tara Stiles on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

I met Tara years ago and she had just released a book with Deepak Chopra, so I knew I had to learn more about her. Besides being an author, Tara is also a former top model and was so humble and kind my curiosity was peaked. She gave me a free lifetime membership to her Strala Yoga studio in New York, and once I started going, I was hooked. Strala is a unique style of yoga; deeply personal and intuitive, which I loved.
Tara’s work is truly incredible – she has built Strala yoga communities all over the world. Teaching people to tap into the power of an intuitive yoga practice and taking it off the mat into their lives. Her life’s work has been creating structure around an easy going practice that can help people dissolve stress, gain physical and emotional strength while, ‘radiating awesomeness into the world.” In her new book, Strala Yoga, Tara lays out simple, step-by-step information on everything from how to use the breath in movement, to how to create ease, to how to set up a home practice. I hope our interview inspires you to spread YOUR awesomeness and get your yoga on!

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“There is another way of becoming more intuitive.” – Tara Stiles

Show Notes:

  • What Tara’s new book is about
  • Why Strala Yoga is different
  • What is Strala Yoga
  • Why you should only do what feels good
  • How Tara created a Strala community
  • The targeted movements to try

“I believe that my job is to guide people through a safe and easy process to connect them back to themselves.” – Tara Stiles


  • Why Tara created 7 day and 30 day programs
  • How Tara discovered yoga through ballet
  • What yoga is about
  • The importance of her daily rituals
  • How yoga frees you

“We can actually feel good in our lives and achieve and reach our goals and go past our goals and we don’t have to be rigid and beat ourselves up in the process.” – Tara Stiles


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“Hopefully people feel empowered to have that easygoing way about them and that more intuitive way about how they move.” – Tara Stiles

















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