Stop Auto-Accommodating on The Terri Cole ShowAre you super dialed into all of the environments that you’re in? Do you think that you might be an empath?

Sometimes, when we’re so aware of our surroundings then we can become over-accommodating. It sounds like it is too much of a good thing, but really when you’re are too accommodating then you are putting your needs and wants on the back burner.

On today’s show, I’ll talk about how you know if you’re auto-accommodating or over-accommodating, what to do about it + more.

Enjoy the show!


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“I am able to tap into the power of being highly sensitive to do the good work that I do in the world.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Are you over-accommodating?
  • What is a highly sensitive person
  • How do we over-accommodate
  • How alcoholism in the family influences psychological health
  • Why addiction in your family makes you hyper-aware
  • What happens when you have anxiety

“Raising your awareness means you have to tap into what’s happening in your mind. What are you thinking about?” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“There is something about having some kind of a dedicated morning practice in stillness and silence that creates expansion throughout the rest of your day.” – Terri Cole

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