Do you know how to promote yourself and your business?

Being an online entrepreneur is a highly competitive career path, where you constantly need to have your finger on the pulse of the latest marketing tools and strategies. Social media is especially Steven Aitchison on Hello Freedom with Terri Coledifficult for many entrepreneurs who aren’t interested in following social trends, and would rather focus on content than promotion.

However, what I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur is that real success includes not just valuable content and product creation, but also having the skills to strategically send that content out to the world to the demographic that needs and/or desires it.

Today I’m talking to a friend of mine who is a master at promotion and marketing, Steven Aitchison. Last year Steven taught me how to maximize my Facebook business page with his creation, Your Digital Formula. He has done so many interesting things in his life, but now he’s focused on adding value and working with online entrepreneurs who are doing good work in the world. Listen now to hear all about new and surprisingly simple ways to reach your tribe and how being authentic with your marketing can become your superpower!

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“Think about the reader, the buyer, and the viewer first.” – Steven Aitchison

Show Notes:

  • Why Steven started his blog
  • Why you should think of your customer’s perspective
  • How to transition from being business focused to client focused
  • Why you need to think of your business from a different angle
  • The value of engaging with your client
  • Why you have to be authentic

“Once you give away stuff for free, people are naturally going to seek you out.” – Steven Aitchison


  • How Steven functions with less sleep
  • Why you have to go for it
  • How Steven ended up with his wife
  • Why honesty can change your relationships
  • How to keep a relationship interesting and supported
  • The challenge of having children

“The only thing you need to be when you’re marketing is authentic.” – Steven Aitchison


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“Go for it, if you’ve got an idea and it’s viable and you’ve done the research, go for it.” – Steven Aitchison









*Featured image courtesy of Rachel Andrew

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