You have a unique and authentic truth. This truth lives within you and needs to be expressed. It comes in the form of brilliant ideas, strong opinions and wisdom filled insights. Others may or may not share these same truths because you are a one of a kind, once in a lifetime event! All of your experiences and a myriad of other factors come together to inform your unique view on life. You are essential. The world needs to hear from YOU. When you fully express your truth,  you continue to evolve into the person you are meant to be. It is part of the process of shining and sharing your light.

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Yet so many of you ignore or silence this truth in order to feel accepted, keep the peace, or to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Fear around speaking up is a common theme I see with my clients, and many of you. And no matter how successful you may be, if you are not authentically sharing your truth, then you are not living up to your truest potential.

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You have a unique and authentic truth that only YOU know and only YOU can bring @Terri_Cole  {CLICK TO TWEET}

In order to evolve and up level your success, happiness and freedom you must learn to express what you really think. Your thoughts and your words matter. Though somewhere along the way you might have been told that they didn’t. Your ideas and opinions may not have always been welcome but such is life. There is not a single, successful person I know that has not been shot down, rejected or mocked for speaking up. Your truth will always threaten or piss off someone. But so what? You are not that fragile and you can start at any time. Even if has been years, or decades since you spoke your truth, it is not too late to be brave, be seen and take your place at the table.

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To speak your truth, you must know your truth. Start by honestly answering a few questions. How different is your outside life from your internal experience? How different is what you say from how you really feel or what you really think about something?

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Begin by focusing on your primary relationships, meaning those people that you feel most connected to, or whom you spend the most time with. Consider how happy and comfortable you feel being yourself, speaking your truth and sharing your ideas in these relationships. Also consider where you feel small, uncomfortable and confined when it comes to sharing your truth. Simply recognizing the relationships and situations where you do not feel authentic brings you one step closer to speaking up.

Once you have gained some clarity, it’s Go Time! You can take a big leap and set-up a meeting with your boss to share a new business idea, or take a small steps by requesting paper instead of plastic bags at the market. Any forward motion of authentically honoring what you feel, think and want is progress. As you continue to take ownership of your truth by speaking straight, you will feel more and more empowered. You will also become less concerned about the ‘good’ opinion of others and more interested in the path you are on towards sharing your truest self with your friends, family, partner and the world.

True intimacy, unbridled success, and feeling deeply satisfied in life all require you to step up and speak up.

In the comments below please share one area or relationship where you are not speaking up. Then, tell me one way this week that you plan on being more authentic. What are you going to do, or say, to express your unique truth?

I am so excited to hear from you and as always will support you in any way I can. Have a glorious week authentically speaking up, sharing who you are, and making this world a brighter place. As always, take care of you.

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  1. I told my new husband how I really felt about a lot of things going on in our marriage (blended families are tough, especially with 4 teenagers!!) and there were tears, nausea and an adrenaline rush. But he was amazingly receptive and we fell back in love and got back on track in 2 days! We decided to talk daily and check in with each other to make sure we are still on the same side! Being honest and true to myself really brings out the best in the people around me. This life is the only one I have and I would rather take these chances than live wondering what would have happened if I would’ve only taken the chance to be vulnerable. Thank you for being honest- you are my favorite to follow and learn from. 😉

    1. Sarah, thank you! Your post is such a powerful example of how freeing speaking your truth can be. I am thrilled to hear of you and your husbands decision to have a daily check in. To both of you.. keep up the great work! And I am so happy to have you as a follower 🙂

  2. Hi, Terri:

    Thanks for the springboard. I have had enough therapy to have found my authentic self, and once I rescued her, I have felt empowered enough to give her the mic. I say what’s on my mind and don’t get a lot of flack. Actually, people like me for the most part. I do–however–seem to have a few negative people in my life. And one is the woman who used to be my boss. She could–with one phone call–ruin the rest of my day. I vowed over and over NOT to give her my power. And, one day, I called Human Resources to let them know that I felt harassed. After twenty minutes of “highlighting” some of her orders, threats and blatant attempts to foil me, I was told, “You aren’t the only one.” Two months later, her job title changed. Yahoo! However, five or six times a year, she calls to give me a dose, “since I hired you.”

    I work for a huge international corporation, and with the employment situation less than stellar, I don’t want to leave. I need to find out how to eliminate people like this from coming into my life. I used to think it was to toughen me up or to teach me to let it go, but there is nothing about this “teacher” that imparts my lesson.

    1. Hi Debra! Thank you for sharing this powerful example. It must feel freeing to have spoken up, been heard and have something change (her title). On needing to eliminate ‘negative’ people in your life, remember that you can only control you, and as confusing as it may feel, I do believe that there is a gem to uncover in every relationship. Stay open to the relationships that come into your life, especially when you sense a theme, and perhaps rather than trying to eliminate them, ask ‘what am I missing here, what do I still need to learn?’ Perhaps it it simply having those ‘conversations’ a few times a year and not letting it bother you and continuing to try to see if she represents a painful relationship from your past. Who does she remind you of? Where have you felt like this before? Those answers may help you find why she is still in your orbit and once you understand the original injury-energetically she will leave your orbit. Keep up the good work by living and speaking your truth.

  3. Wow Teri. I spent the last few days talking to my daughter and husband about this very truth. Earlier this morning in my devotional time, I also had decided to speak my truth in love to a few of my in-laws. YIKES! I am committed to this, no matter how painful it can be. It is a must in fostering true intimacy and authenticity. Thank you for being in the vein of truth on this and confirming my truth. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Karin, for your authenticity. I love when the message is loud and clear. Good luck with everything!

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