Soul Camp founders Michelle Goldblum & Allison Leipzig on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Were you lucky enough to go to summer camp? I didn’t get to go to summer camp. I had one friend who went, and I was always jealous of her stories and her camp friends. I knew that something special happened at summer camp.

That’s why I was so excited that Michelle Goldblum and Allison Leipzig founded Soul Camp. These ladies are like little sisters to me. They’re in the same empowerment space as me, and they created this awesome place that fulfills a need to relax, to have fun, to unplug, and to be present.

At Soul Camp you are immersed in the culture of camp with color wars and a talent show. But because we’re grown up, we also have things like healthy food and Tibetan bowl healing sessions and yoga. But more than that, we get the transformative feeling of being a part of something. If you want to join us at Soul Camp West, there’s still time! It’s at the end of October, from the 28th-31st, and you can head here for more information. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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“It’s providing an environment for people to completely digitally detox and get back to the root of who they really are before they became the executive or the coach or the dad.” – Michelle Goldblum

Show Notes:

  • What is Soul Camp
  • What is the purpose of Soul Camp
  • The value of unplugging
  • Why time is different at camp
  • How Soul Camp came to be

“A day at Soul Camp feels like a week because we’re so present.” – Allison Leipzig


  • How Allison and Michelle were made for Soul Camp
  • Why they believe in the healing components of nourishment
  • Why Michelle tries to do Bikram Yoga
  • Why Ali does gratefulness practice
  • What freedom means to the founders of Soul Camp

“Ali and I so believe in following the joy, following the ease.” – Michelle Goldblum


Links Mentioned:

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“There’s really a balance between serenity and fun, which is Soul Camp.” – Allison Leipzig

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