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I want you to take a minute to think about your breakups. How many of them were horrendous? How many of them meant as soon as you broke up you were being mean to each other? How many of you are still blaming the terrible ending on all kinds of things?

Today I’m talking with Ashley Turner, a close pal and yoga psychologist. We’re breaking down breaking up without having it be so damaging.

It is possible to separate consciously – we don’t all end up together forever! So the more literate your breakup can be, the more loving and generous it can be, the more you can resolve your own issues around it and move forward.

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“All of our relationships, family, friends, lovers, children, coworkers, they’re all reflecting to us different aspects of ourselves.” –  Ashley Turner

Show Notes:

  • Why conscious uncoupling is important
  • How different relationships serve us different lessons
  • Why we have to see beyond the form of the relationship
  • What is parallel process
  • Why you have to take care of yourself during a breakup
  • Why you have to examine your own part in the breakup
  • What is your ego mind and your spiritual nature
  • Why having a period of space and no contact can be good
  • Why you should try to embrace love and kindness
  • How we each contribute to every dynamic we are involved in
  • Why you have to give yourself time to go through the cycles of grief

“We are all contributing to the dynamic that we find ourselves in, or we wouldn’t be there in the first place.” – Ashley Turner


  • How breakups trigger our deepest core wound: loneliness
  • Why we have to explore our deepest fears
  • Why you have to allow yourself to listen to your emotions
  • What is rinsing
  • What is an exercise Ashley does with clients
  • Why people are moving towards non-monogamy
  • Why wedding vows should be different for every couple
  • How we have different needs in different phases of life
  • The importance of doing some physical practice
  • Why we have to embrace our own weaknesses and faults and wounds

“You know you are successful when you don’t feel a charge, an energetic charge, a negative charge around that person.” – Ashley Turner


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“A huge part of being in a conscious relationship is allowing the relationship to live and breathe and change.” – Ashley Turner


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  1. Great Interview – both of you have such wisdom and heart!! Thank you so much – I cyclically struggle with depression and words such as yours help me start the shift away from the blackness.

    1. I’m so glad you were able to tune in and that you found encouragement in our words. I would encourage you to seek professional counseling. You don’t need to go at this alone. I’m sending you lots of love and strength. Keep turning towards the light and whatever outlets it is that inspire you. Keep taking care of you. – TC

  2. I am loving your podcast’s. Over the last two years my life has been turned upside down. I have attempted therapy twice each time I of course had some reason to put the cabash on it. I feel that listening to your podcast really has helped me to open my heart and my mind up to try again. Today I listened to the Boundaries talk, the concept of emotional boundaries really showed me that is where I need to start. So thank you…

    1. Colette, it’s reading comments like this that inspire me to keep putting out podcasts and blogs. I am so happy to hear that you are getting so much out of them. All in due time will you find the right fit for therapy. For now keep working on healing on your own. Keep up the good work and keep taking care of you.

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