What makes you feel beautiful? What makes other people beautiful to you?

I know that my time spent as a talent agent working with supermodels, has definitely influenced how I perceive beauty. Someone could be physically perfect, but if they were rude, Shalini Vadhera on Hello Freedom with Terri Colecondescending, or entitled, I would not necessarily perceive them as beautiful. And the opposite is also true, if someone’s personality shines through, it heavily affects how attractive they become to me.

Today I’m talking to my good pal Shalini Vadhera, a global beauty and lifestyle entrepreneur. She created a beauty brand called Passport 2 Beauty, where she curates the best beauty ingredients, treatments and rituals from around the world and makes them accessible to all. (Lucky us!)
Shalini has such an entrepreneurial passion to build companies that create empowering products for women. Her mission resonates with women and girls all over the globe. I think you’ll really enjoy our chat, and Shalini’s thoughts about using beauty to empower women and how our inner beauty affects our outward appearances.

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“I created a career that allows me to travel and meet amazing people around the world, and then get inspiration from that to come back and create incredible innovative products.” –  Shalini Vadhera

Show Notes:

  • How Shalini created Passport 2 Beauty
  • How Passport 2 Beauty focuses on empowerment through beauty
  • Why beauty on the inside affects beauty on the outside
  • Why Shalini had to change her world view
  • How to create a holistic beauty brand
  • What is the definition of beauty

“What stories are you telling yourself, and how can you change those stories to really create the life you want?” – Shalini Vadhera


  • How Shalini uses tapping and sweeping of energy
  • The power of vision boards
  • Why Shalini tries to stay in higher energies
  • How you can learn from every experience
  • The value of mindfulness
  • How to negotiate a modern and traditional life

“If you can help give a woman confidence to give her that unmatched leverage in life, well that’s not just putting makeup on.” – Shalini Vadhera


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“I just live and I apologize later.” – Shalini Vadhera














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