My dear friend Meggan Watterson is the founder of REVEAL, a women’s spirituality conference that empowers women to connect to the love within them, reclaim their bodies as sacred, and become soul-led agents of change. She also leads a group-coaching program REDLADIES, which meets once a month with each month devoted to a reason to REVEAL Your Soul. While her Fall/Winter 2011-2012 REDLADIES program sold out faster than a U2 concert, be sure to check out her website for future dates… you definitely don’t want to miss the next one! Here’s a little taste of what she offers:

1. Empowerment (REVEAL Your Soul-Story)

What does this word really mean? To me, it means never being a victim even when we are victimized; always having the choice to edit and alter the interpretation of our lives; and having the power to create meaning from the events in our lives, no matter how devastating, as an author of our own narrative, not a passive witness.

2. True Love (REVEAL Your Soul-Voice)

If you’re getting the image of a smoking-hot man or woman in a dreamy state staring at you with the look of love I’m going to take this moment to slap you like Cher slapped Nicholas Cage’s character in Moonstruck and insist that you “snap out of it”! True love is about the love that never leaves, waivers, or judges you. It is an unconditional love that resides within you. And yes, it may also be mirrored back to you from some gorgeous soul you have been fortunate enough to meet, but let this be very loud and crystal clear: that love is you. It’s yours. What that hot lover loves about you is your very own love that is within you. And whether that embodied love of another continues to be with you or moves on, the love that is your own stays with you – it doesn’t leave if that other person leaves. Owning and knowing that allows you to be brazen and bold, to not hold anything back, and to give it (meaning all the love within you) away because you know that the more love you give the more love you receive. And then, guess what? You walk around like a love monkey with no limit on your love spending. You take tremendous, glorious risks. And you taste what it is to finally be living… really living.

3. Embodiment (REVEAL The Body As Sacred)

The most expensive wars going on right now are the civil wars within the majority of women. In my 7 years of facilitating REDLADIES and in my one-on-one work with women, I am floored and heartbroken by the amount of money, energy, and time women spend at war with their own bodies. It is staggering and is one of the greatest drains on half of the world’s population.

Imagine the time you would have if you were fully embodied and unafraid. Imagine if you loved, or even just liked, your body at least enough to be in it, to send good thoughts to it, to be able to get on with living your life with purpose and intensity.

Imagine if women got past the self-loathing and incessant criticism of their flesh, and actually enjoyed it, learned from it, followed the body’s lead, respecting both its unique way of communicating and its archaic wisdom.

We have to be embodied to know the power of our sex. Sexual awakening comes when we remain in our bodies, when we dare to listen to our true wants and desires as they arise and act upon or voice them.

Imagine if the only true betrayal is the one we commit when we hear our body’s need yet remain silent. What if wearing a scarlet letter was a medal like the Purple Heart to be proud of rather than ashamed?

4. Happiness (REVEAL Your Soul-Work)

I’m not referring to the fleeting kind of happiness that lasts about as long as an ice cream cone in the hand of 5-year old in 90-degree heat. I’m talking about a happiness that comes from using everything you are and revealing it for the rest of the world to see and inherit. There is no other joy like the bliss of being all that you really are: hiding no aspect of you and giving and sharing every gift that exists within you. This is the enduring happiness of REVEALing your soul. It’s not mercurial like an emotion; it’s a happiness that is as stable and unfaltering as the steel hull of a ship slicing through waves whether rough or calm.

5. Alignment (REVEAL Your Divine Worth)

Synchronicity. Flow. Ease. Reciprocity. Being supported. When we have aligned our lives with the direction of our soul voice, which is one with the divine, our lives pull free of the matrix. Magic is the mundane. You walk into your dreams while awake. Warning: This is not The Secret! There are two sides to achieving the bliss and blessing of alignment: there’s hearing the directives of the soul voice and there’s putting those directives into action. One must act! Translation: there’s hard work involved in allowing your life to be matched with your highest hopes for it. Dream boards are great, affirmations are amazing, but the real secret is the will and determination required to take concrete steps EVERY DAY to realize the dreams your soul craves.

6. Inspiration (REVEAL Your Mystical Experience)

Imagine having your own inner crazy eight ball that you can always rely on and refer to for guidance? Imagine the relief in knowing that you contain all the answers you need to make the highest choices for your life? Imagine the capacity to find the divine just by closing your eyes? What if you had never encountered any religion, any notion of God or Goddess, or what might be sacred? How would you approach the divine? Fun, right? It’s time to get spiritually naked with our mystical selves and unveil how unheard of we are.

7. Freedom (REVEAL Your Spiritual Community)

Once you have gone through all 7 stages, all 7 veils lifted, there’s freedom to be who we are without excuses and without apologies. There’s freedom to make the choices you want for yourself from a place of love and trust rather than out of fear and the expectations of others. There is the freedom that we each are here to claim, to live out what is singular within us. We REVEAL the love we are and have to offer this world in our own terrifically human and soul-stirring ways. This allows us to find the people who will love us just as we are and who spur us on to reveal to ourselves and to the world what we’re here to share.

Call them REDLADIES, yayas, soul-sisters, whatever the name, your spiritual community will come and flock to circle you once you have returned your own love to yourself.

For more information about Meggan and her programs, visit:

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