How do you feel about your body? Are you happy with how you look or do you frequently wish that you looked better? Do you often feel less than beautiful? Do you look in the mirror and criticize all the things that you see as less than perfect?

Well stop. Stop your self-attack and instead work on attacking your self-perception. Use these words of wisdom to help you help yourself. “I love my shape”. “I am beautiful”. Say it. Say it out loud. Say it again. And again. And again. Say it until you mean it.

You are beautiful. Tell us how gorgeous you are and what you love about yourself. I’m sharing my story, come share yours. Write it on our wall and make it real. Cause you know if you write it down here– it must be true. : )

Love, love, love,

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  1. Hey Terri,
    Thanks for following me on twitter, and congratulations on such a beautiful website, and energy!
    I love your stuff, and long may it continue.
    I am trying to manifest a visit to new york some day soon, and would love to come and talk and share about my experiences of having lost everything I owned not so long ago. I lost my children which was tough too. I recently wrote a book about it…titled ‘return from the void’ to show that there is hope after challenge.
    You look amazing and you are doing a great job in getting the positive message out there to people.
    take care.
    Joanna xxx Maidenhead, Berkshire U.K.

    1. Thank you so much Joanna and congratulations on returning from the void!
      The worst situations in my life created my highest learning and I am sure since you wrote an entire book about it, you have much to share about healing and rebounding form rough stuff.
      Hope you make it to NYC soon!
      Love Love Love

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