“Healing the Mother Wound” is one of my most popular episodes, and because of all your interest in this topic, today’s I’m talking about self-parenting to heal the mother wound.

It is not my intention for you start blaming your parents for your life, but rather, I hope this helps you understand and heal your own wounds. Really, your mother wound is really a relationship between you and you.

What can cause mother wounds and how do you know if you have them? I go through the most common causes of mother wounds, like narcissistic and neglectful parents or a mother that could not meet your basic needs.

I share with you how you can create a corrective emotional experience, the qualities of a good mother and the importance of finding a replacement mother. To help with that, I created a downloadable guide with very powerful journal prompts to help you get a clear picture of what it is like to self-parent and heal.

I hope this episode can add value to your life, because YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!


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“There can be a lot of shame that we walk around with if we do have a mother wound.” – terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What can cause a mother wound
  • The types of mothering that you need to heal from
  • What a mother worshiping culture is
  • How you can use the qualities of a good mother
  • What self-parenting is
  • The importance of finding a replacement mother
  • Journal prompts to heal your mother wound – what can you learn from your mother?
  • What good mothering examples do you have in your life?
  • Steps to healing your mother wound

“You don’t need to involve your parents if your mother is alive, this is really between you and you.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“We seek out the good parent that we perhaps didn’t get to experience.” – Terri Cole

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