Do you hate change? Does change create anxiety for you?

We can sometimes get so set in our ways that even the grocery store being out of “our” brand of cereal can create stress. We want to know what is in our bowls!

My friend, davidji form the Chopra Center, says change is like breath: it isn’t part of the process; it is the process. In reality, the only thing we can count on is change. There is something very powerful and liberating about surrendering to change – it is where transformation and evolution reside. As we are all energy, resisting change creates physical and psychological constriction inspired by fear and this energy blocks the flow of our abundance. As you learn to accept and embrace change, you will start to see that the infinite possibilities of your life are in the not knowing and being OK with it.

Share your experiences with change – is it a struggle for you now? did it used to be but you overcame it? If so, how?

Drop a comment and let me know what goes on in that head of yours! πŸ˜‰ Your experience may help another so please share.

Have an amazing week and as always, take care of you.

love, love, love,

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  1. Completely agree with you Terri … Change is inevitable. If you just take some time to think about it we change the air we breath into oxygen for our blood, we change the food we eat into energy for our bodies, we shed our skin every 28 days. Change is part of us as human being – we resist it because we’ve never been taught how to embrace it and it scares us. If we simply learnt that it is a process and that it is necessary and to let go of the fear the change becomes something quite exquisitely sublime full of rewards and fulfilment

  2. I LOVE change!

    One of my favourite quotes:

    β€œIt takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.”

    -Alan Cohen

  3. With environmental scripting,societal interaction,situational responses etc which a human being is exposed too can we ever question the basis of change around us. Everyday is a new day,we grow older biologically,our experiences change us somtimes for the good sometime a bit unpalatable to our sensibilities.But change will occur. The question now arises as to what we should do about it? It is our birthright to accept and adapt or reject all requirements/changes by logically assessing their effect on us.Dont hate it. By hating something ya’re hurting your own mind and yourself only. SEE WHAT YA GOT TO DO ABOUT THAT AS A HUMAN BEING AND DO IT. Humans have a lethargic animalistic state, a proactive or reactive actionable state and an experienced instructional aptitude state based on their experiences as they mature in life. Use the 2nd state and the third state and grow out of the first animalistic state by replacing hate,inaction and ineptitude in self to logical result oriented responses and solutions everyday. God bless you all. Undercover Uncle Ken

  4. Yes I hate change. (Wish I didn’t.) It causes anxiety. I think it’s because my home life, growing up etc., was unstable & insecure & involved changing locations (just boarding schools, nothing traumatic though)… so now I CRAVE stability. I used to love change (including changing geographical location, like travel) because it was a distraction from other stuff going on around me. But now I don’t like it…don’t even like travel anymore & I so wish I still enjoyed traveling! Even just thinking about it though…nope! Any ideas on how I can LIKE change?

    Also, I claim I’m into self-improvement & everything but it seems I don’t even like THAT kind of change! There’s something about me that’s invested in staying the same… I want to fight that side of me, but not sure how or if “fight” is the right thing to do. πŸ˜‰

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