How to Break Out of Resentment Prison on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

How to Break Out of Resentment Prison on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeWe are in the Real Love Revolution 2018 series of episodes, so we’re talking about all things love: self love, other love, attracting healthy love into your life, keeping healthy love, and more.

And with love, a lot of the work that we do stems from ourselves, the work we need to do within before we can start to share our love with the world. So today I want to talk about forgiveness. When you think about forgiving someone, does it feel like you’re losing? Like someone is getting over on you? Does it feel like you’re giving them a free pass?

Today I’m teaching you how to let yourself out of resentment prison! Let go of that negativity so that you can be in lightness, living in liberation of negative experiences!

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“Instead of viewing it as forgiving them, we’re going to see it as releasing toxic emotions that interfere with you creating the life you want!” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why forgiveness needed a makeover
  • Are you good at forgiving?
  • Why you should forgive people
  • What happens when you let yourself out of resentment prison
  • First, examine the experience that you’re holding on to
  • Next, cut the cord!
  • How to cut the cord
  • Sometimes holding an injury close is a way of holding a person close
  • Why you have to allow yourself to release

“It’s not about whether these people deserve your forgiveness, it’s about what you deserve.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“You deserve the lightness, you deserve to be liberated.” – Terri Cole


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