A friend of mine is preparing for a major surgery and asked me if there was an exercise she could do because when she thinks about the surgery, she gets anxious, constricted, and suddenly afraid. She starts down the catastrophic “What If” highway imagining everything that could go wrong.

Of course I had an exercise for her, and I want to share it with you.

  1. Think about an upcoming event or situation about which you are nervous or afraid.
  2. Write the way you want it to go. Write a narrative of how you want the events to unfold. In my friend’s case, she might write about arriving to the hospital, it’s a beautiful day, everyone is pleasant and accommodating, she sees her favorite doctor, etc.
  3. As you read the narrative back to yourself, feel the feelings of this scenario playing out exactly as you have written. Conjure the feelings in your body and heart. In my friend’s case, of what it will be like when she sees the doctor as she is going into the O.R., and when after surgery, he tells her it all went perfectly.

You can’t think a feeling; you have to feel it (that’s why it’s called a feeling and not a thinking and why thinking and feeling are two different things).

This is how we manifest. Using creative visualization coupled with actually feeling the feelings of receiving your desired outcome, you build your manifesting muscles.

In doing this experiment, read and feel the narrative every night up until your event. See and feel it all falling into place just as you would like. Does the event turn out as you had scripted?

Have you noticed this before, where you ultimately predict a good or bad outcome based on how you felt going into it? Try this exercise and see what happens. Circle back and let me know. Can you practice what ultimately becomes reality?

I hope you have an amazing week, creating a nothing-less-than-wonderful reality and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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    1. Hi Vladmir-
      Always a pleasure to see a comment from you here! Thanks for being here and I appreciate your kind words-I fear my sons might disagree a little 😉 Take care of you <3

  1. Love this! I have a huge huge interview on Thursday and if I don’t get it… things will be really terrible. I am going to do this tonight and practice it until Thursday and will definitely let you know how it works! Thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks Terri! I’ve been doing a great job of imagining great things happening as a result of these interviews but of course old fears do pop up. I think with the help of your mediation techniques (which are beyond helpful), I will be able to rock this interview process on Thursday. Taking the day off of work tomorrow in order to be able to be fully ready. So glad I found your site!

  2. I Love You Terri! Getting so sentimental & grateful watching your video. It’s like you’re really in the room. I will try this exercise. I can attest that “manifesting” really does work both ways–in thinking & feeling into positive as well as negative outcomes. The negative comes so easily & naturally to me. Alhough in spite of myself I’m fortunate to have positive outcomes even when I’m angst & constricted. It would be great for the positive manifestations to eventually be 2nd nature instead. xoxoxo

    1. Mary-
      You are so welcome. Yes flex this muscle everyday and see yourself FREE FROM ANXIETY and FEEL IT and bring it into your life. You can do it…just don’t give up. Sending you calm expansive energy right this minute <3

  3. Tessa,

    I so enjoy all you tune-up tips. Would love to read Flip Over and Float. When is it available? You should be so proud of yourself not only in all the changes you’ve made in your own life, but in helping others to make positive changes to their own lives.

    1. Hi Eileen <3
      End of 2013 is the projected launch date! More inspired than proud. Makes me so happy to people evolving and creating lives they love. I feel blessed that I get to do this for a living. Love you for all of your unwavering support~thanks pal <3

  4. I love this Terri!
    This is exactly how I do it – I have to see, feel and believe that it is happening right now with as much detail and clarity as possible.
    This is so powerful and can cure addictions, help you to achieve successful work outcomes and manifest exactly what you desire.
    It does take time for certain things and constant vigilance and daily practice, while in other cases it can happen very quickly.

    Thank you for sharing this very powerful tool!

    Nina Vucetic

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