Power Pause on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Power Pause on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeWhen you’re talking to someone and a quiet falls over the conversation, are you compelled to fill it? Do you strike up a conversation in the elevator? If you do, I think it’s time for you to learn the power of a pause.

There’s power in a pregnant pause if you know how to allow it. Anyone who speaks professionally – a speaker, a salesperson, a storyteller – is aware of the power of the pause. It gives you time to think, it makes people pay attention.

Today I’m talking about why we feel compelled to fill an awkward silence, and the dangers of doing so. We can get ourselves into messy situations when we just talk because we find silence uncomfortable. Let me help you transform an awkward silence into a power pause!

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“Magical things happen when you’re not filling that space.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is happening when we fill an awkward silence
  • How to be comfortable with those pauses
  • What it feels like to allow the pause
  • What happens when you don’t fill that space
  • How to speak powerfully
  • Why you aren’t responsible for how other people feel
  • What constitutes a powerful speaker
  • Try this experiment!
  • Your body tells you when it’s uncomfortable

“If you’re anxious to fill the pregnant pause, you haven’t yet mastered the art of powerfully speaking.” – Terri Cole

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“What magic can happen when you are not under the illusion that you are controlling all things?” – Terri Cole


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