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Are you interested in a radically real conversation about deep love, rockin’ relationships and smoking soulful sex? Then you, my friend, are in luck! Today I am offering you an opportunity to join me for my Girlfriend Jam with self-love and relationship expert, Melissa Ambrosini. I fell in love with her a few years ago through her first book, Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl. Recently she released, Open Wide: A radically real guide to deep love, rocking relationships, and soulful sex. And who doesn’t want those things?

In this book, Melissa shares a lot of extremely personal stories about how she got to where she is in her life, how she had to break down (literally and figuratively) to break through to create the life + love of her dreams. In our conversation, we talked a lot about self-love, the role your partner plays in your life, how to have a successful relationship, and the power of vulnerability. I think you will find our deep dive inspiring and useful. Click the button below to watch the interview now!


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  1. I think she has a good perspective on self-care. I am not to the point yet where I can say I love myself and thank you a billion times- but I do want to get there. I wanted to add that on the “blueprint” comment where you need to de-program what your parents have shown you it can mean they will distance themselves from you. I have experienced that recently where I refused to accept narc abuse from my family and didn’t go to my brother’s wedding because of how he and my immediate family had/ have been treating me and ran into a big brick wall of “family is family” and how dare you not give the appearance of being close at such an occasion! Choosing to love yourself can open up all sorts of wounds and programming in other people and you end up feeling alone. I am excited about starting the self care and getting to love myself in this journey called life. It is very inspiring and scary at the same time.

    1. Laura,
      You are right -it can be challenging but so worth it! I am happy the episode inspired you and am sending you strength on your journey! Thank you for being here with us!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I started watching in the morning before I got up and when Melissa said that when she wakes up every morning she opens her self to love, that was a big wow moment for me. With opening myself to love this morning, before I got out of bed, I believed everything was going to be alright until it wasn’t and I stopped worrying about something that hasn’t happed yet or waiting for it to happen or stop preparing myself for it. Can it be that simple. Yes I believe so. Earlier this year I became aware that I was closed to friends. I have never had real friends and I keeps telling myself thats ok, but often wondered why. Though rediscovering myself over the last year I discovered I was closed, in a protecting way, when I meet people instead of been free and open.
    So maybe I can feel this way all the time. Open to Love!!!!!!!

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