Overcome Overwhelm on The Terri Cole Show

Overcome Overwhelm on The Terri Cole ShowAre you feeling more overwhelmed than usual? 2020 has been the weirdest year of my life, personally speaking, and I know most of you are feeling the same.

On today’s show, I talk about how to avoid overwhelm and anxious thoughts with very practical techniques.  I talk about the importance of doing “brain dumps” and writing out what you are thinking. I also describe the rubber band trick technique, and the stop technique – which I really believe are going to help you overcome overwhelm during this very challenging year.

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“When we are feeling overwhelmed, it is so easy to be stuck in the disorder thinking where we are just repeating the same fearful thought.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • The importance of writing down your thoughts

  • Why you should do a mind dump

  • How to be an observer without judgment

  • What is the rubber band trick technique?

  • The importance of the STOP technique

  • How to be mono-focused

“What we really want do is some kind of pattern interruption.” –  Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“Writing it out is something thats helpful to avoid circular thinking.” –  Terri Cole

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